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    RICS APC Final Assessment

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    The College of Contract Management is offering a coaching service to guide you through your Assessment of Professional Competence. With our help, you’ll be ready to ace your APC and become an MRICS.










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    Requirements for final assessment

    The RICS APC based on skills and knowledge includes some elements that should be completed by the candidate applying to become an MRICS. The Assessment of Professional Competence in skills and expertise is the same for all the sector pathways and routes. To progress to the final assessment in the RICS APC, a candidate should first go through two routes to determine the progress for the final evaluation.

    •          Structured Training
    •         Preliminary Review 

    A candidate progressing to become an MRICS can find an RICS counselor through a live online course such as the APC coaching services provided by the College of Contract Management. Through this process, the candidate will be able to fulfill and prepare for the final assessment. Candidates should pass the ethical online course requirements set by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and the prepare in proceeding to the final evaluation. The RICS requires a candidate to present:

    •           A summary of professional work experience including the mandatory competencies and technical competencies
    •           case  study showcasing the technical abilities of the candidate on a recent project
    •           The CPD record

    CPD courses

    The Continuous Professional Development is among the requirements of the RICS to become an MRICS. A candidate can fulfill this requirement by attending online classes with an online distance learning college such as the College of Contract Management. CPD courses such as the Health and Safety regulations, Tender management, Risk management, and more courses can help the candidate gain the CPD hours necessary to qualify in the final assessment to become a Chartered Member.

    Preparing for the Interview

    After the Submission of the materials the counsellor will assess the candidates work and approve to send it to the RICS board. The candidate should face an interview with the Board to prove the competency and skills. Through an APC coaching service provided by an online college the candidate can seek guidance from the assigned RICS counsellor and prepare for the final interview. The College of Contract Management will help you prepare for the final interview with a step by step guidance on presenting the work to become a Chartered Member of the RICS.




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