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The Blind girl

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Do you realize how lucky you are?
To born with an entire organ?



"I'm Blind"

I remember tears streaming down your face
When I said, "I'll never let you go"
When all those shadows almost killed your light
I remember you said, "Don't leave me here alone"
But all that's dead and gone and passed tonight

                                                       -Safe and Sound-
                         (Taylor Swift)

Dear Reader:
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(Cr.Dearest Sister)





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[Hopeless]- The Ballad of Happiness Sorrow and Hope



Part 1 [Allie, The blind girl]



            Spring wind flowed through the white window into the neat room. On the bed next to the window, a girl with brown hair was sitting there. Her brown eyes are full of tears.


            Spring is the season of life. Flowers bloom. Sun shines bright. Bees scurry about and the air is filled with the song of birds.


            Every living thing smiles during this season. But sadly, our brown haired girl can't see these wonderful things.


            .... She's blind .......


            "Hey Allie! What’s wrong with you?" The caring sound of a boy floats to her -Slowly--he wipes his younger sister wet tears. Allie flicks her head in confusion.


            "Has anyone donated any eyes?" asked the little girl hopefully. Adrian steps back "I'm sorry Allie...there’re no one"


            Sad smile spreads over Allie’s face.... "Can you take me for a walk Adrian? I need some fresh air." ‘sure’ said Adrian in sad low voice.


            A minute later both children are in the hospital park.


            “It’s good to take a walk like this, being in the hospital room is so boring. ”  Said the little girl


            Allie used to be normal 2 years ago but everything changed because of a car accident. Allie lost her eyes and her parents at the same time.


            They only have each other…


            Just one little boy.... and one blind girl....


            For Allie, her whole world turned black. The little girl keeps waiting and waiting for new eyes. She keeps waiting to see her bright life again. Somehow no one donates any eyes. Her hope is dropping down and down like a heavy rock sinking into the cold depths of the ocean. Allie sink into the darkness of despair.


Part 2 [Adrian decision]



            Tears slowly stream down Allie face again... Adrian gives a gentle kiss to his younger sister while she hugs him like a baby looking for comfort.

            "Don't cry Allie... everything will be alright"

            *sniff sniff*

            "I will try my best to help you....I promise" Allie nods, she slowly walks away

             Adrian quickly walks to his sister when she stops at the middle of the small bridge.

            "Be careful Allie. You might fall off the bridge"

            "Really? We are on the bridge? Oh! I thought it's just a small hill in the park! What is it like Adrian?"

            "It's made from red bricks with a white rail. There is a flow of water below with floating water lilies as well. A family of ducks are swimming in circles… You are standing in the middle.....I should say that you look like princess." Allie giggle,

            "I hope I  see this bridge someday. It's sounds really beautiful."   Adrian kept his eyes on his sister. At this moment she is as pretty as an angel. Her brown hair is flowing along in the wind. Smile full of hope is spread on her face. He makes up his mind....... just to see her smile he will do anything....





 Part 3 [Her bright world]


            Everything remained dark……

            “Slowly Allie slowly……” said the doctor

            “Why can’t I see anything sir?” asked Allie

            “It’ll take a while…..just close your eyes, then slowly open…how do you feel?” Allie blink her eyes

            “Not really clear, but wait…. I can see! I can see! Oh! I didn’t know that you have black hair doctor! I thought you have blond!” the doctor started to laugh

            “But you only have one eye, I don’t understand why did you choose to have one instead of waiting a bit then you’ll get 2?”

            “I can’t wait any longer! Thank you for your kindness sir!”

            “No problem”

            “However where is Adrian?”

            “Um….I guess he is in the hospital park”

            “I’ll go there then, Thanks a again sir”

            Allie ran to the park, She can see everything…. The birds are flying, little children are smiling, the sun shines bright and the small bridge is very pretty last as Adrian said.

            The little girl stops by the small bridge. Adrian is standing there.

            “Adrian I can see!” Allie shout in a happy voice but once Adrian turns back she starts to scream.

            “Oh Adrian! What happened to your eyes?”

            He smiled…..and gently touched Allie’s one blind fold

            “You donate your eyes to me?”

            “Just one Allie… you can see?”

            “Yes…..” Adrian shakes her head softly

            “Don’t be silly sis. Even with one eye, I can see”

            --Forcefully—Allie hugs her brother

            “Anyway, Happy birth day Allie” Allie smiles as bright as the sun


            Family bond always strongest

            Even when you are in the worst time of your life….

            They will not leave you [Alone]

            ‘Thank you Adrian’ Allie whisper










{ Winter Dark Theme }

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