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The Effect of Global Warming

 Earth is the most necessary thing for many people and it is one of the most ideal housing.  It is also helping to create balance in human and animal life around the world and it makes people and animal depend on each other.  Resources of the world can help people to survive for example, food.  It can also help human to create civilization, knowledge, and education even such as geography, astronomy, and others.  However, do you know that many problems of earth have begun from human?  I therefore strongly support that human has destroyed earth which led to the global warming and it affects for the following reasons, higher temperatures, water level increased, and human health.

 First of all, higher temperatures rarely interact with earth for example, earth offers many resources and when human uses the resources of the world they do not concentrate on earth and do not care about the world.  Finally, the average global temperature will rise and start to have natural disasters such as drought, wildfire, storm, flood, and erosion of soil.  This is a result of rising temperature.

 Secondly, the sea level increases when polar ice melts from the action of man that making the world is higher temperature.  Since everyone does that therefore it will impact the global population because of loss of land and erosion of the coast. Even sometime, some areas are not affected directly but also indirectly.

 Lastly, human may also be affected by climate change to their health if human not do anything else that may be more useful for the world.  Try to think about it, natural disasters happening severely influence human health both directly and indirectly.  The global warming will also affect food production process.  In addition, it can make economic and social problems followed that are bad for human.

 In conclusion, global warming is becoming to be very important problems presently that it is affected to human health.  If people do not care about the world, it will have higher temperatures and impact on the environment.  It also results higher water levels.  I firmly believe that global warming has destroyed the environment and life among human and animals.  We should try to share responsibilities and save the world together.  We should remember that earth is everything for us, we can breathe and have life on the world no doubt but if we cannot give something up and cannot really love the world, it cannot be held, so then where are our children will live in the future?

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