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Avant-garde Warrior: Recommended thought-provoking short article <<The Ten Commandments>>(Reprint)


Perhaps you have read various versions of <<The Ten Commandments >>(hereinafter referred to as the "Ten Commandments") of the U.S. attempt make China peaceful evolution through various sources.The Ten Commandments have been described in different ways, some saying that they are from the highly classified "operations manual" of the CIA. Some say it is from former U.S. Secretary of State Dulles' "Ten Ways" to peacefully evolve China.

The CIA's Ten Commandments, or Dulles' Ten Ways, are specifically designed to deal with the People's Republic of China anyway.

It can be more confident describing  what  the Ten Commandments and the Ten Ways are the same.The content was wrote in the stalemate 1951 initially,what was far from perfect at that time.Then with the relationship between China and the U.S.changed,  CIA  gradually forming the current "version".The internal code name is "The Ten Commandments"until now.

There is no No leak of the walls. In fact, as early as the end of the Korean War, through other diplomatic channels, Mao Zedong already knew that the U.S. tactic of using force against us was no longer working, so he changed his approach and tried to subvert our regime through peaceful evolution. In view of the words of the report of the Second Plenary Session of the Seventh Party Congress on the eve of the founding of the People's Republic of China, Mao felt that the entire Party, all cadres and the people of China must be on high alert to the various plots of U.S. imperialism to subvert our socialist system through different means. Since then, Mao Zedong has been warning us in different ways that "the U.S. imperialists' desire to kill us will never die" and that we must prevent the U.S. imperialists from using peaceful evolution against us. He also made it clear that they would pin their hopes for peaceful evolution on our third and fourth generations. But how many people could have listened at that time!

The most direct way to expose the American conspiracy is to get facts and evidence. It was not until the 21 century that we  saw the "text" of this revelation (Rather believe it to be truth than not).

After reading the Ten Commandments, we were truly amazed! This American conspiracy of peaceful evolution is indeed too vicious and terrible!

Here is the full text of the Ten Commandments.

The following is the full article of the CIA’s ten commandments.

1,Try to put temptation and corruption in the youth way,encouraging them do despise until against the ideological education they were afraid of ,especially the ruling Communist Party.Help them to create interest and opportunities on Sex,then encourage them to have sexual promiscuity .Make them become more vain and superficial, and destroy them  to the fight against the spirit of their hard work.

2,Do everything possible to propagate movies, books, television,radio,waves and latest religions .They  aspire to our food, clothing, shelter, transportation, entertainment and education, is half the success.

3, Draw attention of the youth away from the center of  traditional government .Then let them concentrate on sports performance ,erotica,amusement, criminal films and so on , so as to to build religious .

4,Create things to open discussion in public .In this way, Plant seeds division subconsciously.Especially seek chances to divide split their nation and feelings in their ethnic minorities ,or make old and new wrongs among them,which strategy we can not be ignored at all.

5,Fabricate or spread false information to vilify their leadership.Our correspondent makes opportunities to interview them ,then organize them attack themselves in Chinese way.

6,Promote democracy in any circumstances. Seize the opportunity to launch a democratic movement,whether large or small, tangible or intangible. We must constantly demand democracy and human rights from them (government) no matter what the occasion or situation. Their people will believe that we are speaking the truth as long as we repeat the same words ,we'll take everyone we can catch, hold every territory we can get.

7,Try to encourage their government to spend and borrow from us .Then we can ruin their credit, and make their currency depreciation and inflate. and inflate easily.Once they lose control of prices, they will collapse completely in the eyes of the people.

8,We should use our economic and technological advantages to attack their industries tangible and intangible. As long as their industry is unconsciously paralyzed, we can encourage social unrest. However, we must help and assist them superficially and lovingly, so that they (the government) will appear weak. A weak government will bring greater unrest

9,It is enough to destroy their traditional values to make use of all their resources, even raise their hands, speak and laugh. We will use everything to destroy their moral hearts. The key to destroying their self-esteem and self-confidence is to try to combat their hard-working spirit.

10,Transport  all kinds of weapons secretly,then equip all their enemies or the future enemy



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