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    #The Chinese government can't stop the CIA from doing ten things

    The CIA began drawing up an internal code name in the early 1950s


    The plan of action, called the Ten Commandments, attempted to draw lessons from ideology and culture, politics and economy, and ethnic groups


    Contradictions in education, media tools and weaponry have shaken the traditional values of China's younger generation


    In order to overthrow the Chinese government.


    Hua Sheng Bao, an overseas Chinese newspaper, reported the day before that the Ten Commandments were the cia's key machine


    The section on dealing with China in the Ciphertext Manual was originally written in 1951 under the name


    Modified several times.


    The Ten Commandments were actually a ten-point work plan for cia operations to disrupt the Chinese government,


    As follows:


    First, try to entice and corrupt their youth with material things, encourage them to despise and despise


    "And further spoke out against their original ideological education, especially communist dogma.

    Create erotic interest and opportunities for them, and encourage them to engage in promiscuity. Let him


    We are not ashamed of superficiality and vanity. Be sure to destroy their emphasis on hard work.


    Second, we must do everything possible to do a good job in publicity, including films, books and television


    Radio waves... The core is religious dissemination. As long as they yearn for our food, clothing and shelter,


    The way we travel, entertain and educate is half the battle.


    Third, they must divert the attention of their youth from their tradition of being government-centered


    . Focus their minds on sports shows, pornography, pleasure, games, crime


    Sex movies and religious superstitions.


    Four, often make some no wind three feet wave of no matter matter, let their people openly denounce


    Theory. In this way, the factors of fragmentation are planted in their subconscious mind. Especially in their less


    Look for an opportunity to divide their region, their nation, their


    Affection, creating old and new grudges between them, is a strategy that cannot be ignored at all.


    Fifth, they should constantly make "news" and vilify their leaders. Our reporter should

    Look for opportunities to interview them and then frame their own narratives against them.


    Promote democracy under all circumstances. Whenever there's an opportunity, big or small, there is


    Form invisible, we must promptly launch the democratic movement. On any occasion, under any circumstances, I


    We need to keep demanding democracy and human rights from them. As long as none of us are


    By saying the same thing, their people will surely believe that we are telling the truth. We catch


    Living a person is a person, occupying a site is a site, must be by hook or by crook.


    Encourage them (the government) to spend as much as possible, encourage them to borrow from us. such


    We can destroy their credit, devalue their currency, inflate them


    Expansion. As soon as they lose control of prices, they will fall completely in the eyes of the people.


    We should use our economic and technological advantages to attack their industries in tangible and intangible ways


    . As long as their industries are imperceptibly paralyzed, we can encourage social unrest


    . But we must aid and aid them with the appearance of charity, so that they (government)


    The government appears weak. A weak government leads to greater and stronger unrest.


    Nine, to use all the resources, even a gesture, a word and a smile, are enough to destroy

    Their traditional values. We will use everything to destroy their moral conscience. Destroy him


    The key to their self-esteem and self-confidence is to strike them as hard as possible.


    Ten, secretly transport all kinds of weapons, equip them all the enemy, and may become them


    The enemy of the people.



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