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ซ่อนกลิ่น (Son Klin) is the song talking about the love that's never faded away...










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"You have a magazine shooting with New tomorrow 10 O'clock. Don't be late this time, understand?"

That was the voice of my manager on the phone. But actually, I felt like I was listening to nothing. Her voice passed through my ears, but it seemed that my brain couldn't function.

"Tay....are you listening?...."



"Oh, yes....yes, I'm listening. Tomorrow 10 O'clock, right? I'll meet you there. Good night krab, P'Yui."


P'Yui already hanged up the call for several minutes already. But I am still sitting on the couch, trying my best to get my lost soul back. My heart is still trembling so hard after I know the working schedule tomorrow. I haven't heard the name for several months already.

How long is it now after we broke up?

I didn't count. But since the time New and I broke up, I haven't heard his name again. Never once. The fans love us since we were friends. They didn't know that we had gone further than just being best friends. We had been together for years. We went through things. We had good memories together. But nothing lasts forever, you know? This also applies to the relationship between me and him as well...

We already broke up...

And no one knows...

Fortunately, we didn't have much work together anymore. That was good for me (and for him). It's still hard for me to see his face. I still cannot forget things between us. I haven't seen him for months already. He has to work abroad. I am busy with my works here in Thailand. Thanks god for keeping me busy like this. I don't have much time to think about anything. 

But seems that god doesn't want to be kind to me anymore...

"I can do it. It's just a work. He might already forget about us and move on already. I should be able to do so too. You can do it, Tay. You can do it!" I smile to the guy in the mirror, telling him to believe in himself. Everything is going to be fine tomorrow. 

It is surely going to be...

The shooting was finished without any problems. I am glad we could deal with the work professionally. He kept being obsessed with his phone every time we had a break. We had some several talk as we haven't seen each other for a while. But it was just some occasional talk. He asked me about my busy life. I asked him about his work abroad. Nothing further.

"Nong Tay, Nong New.... Can we talk for a sec?" A staff walks to us and asks. 

"Yes, P'" That's the voice of a guy I used to know well answering back to her.

"We are going to have another special interview for this issue. The fans are so happy to know that you two are back in Thailand again. So we want to make this special interview for them."

"Just a simple interview?" I ask her.

"I was about to explain."

"Oh, okay krab."

"So, this time we're going to play some game. Just some easy quizzes that you two have to answer to show us that you know each other very well..." At this moment, I can't help but turn to the guy sitting next to me.

"The quizzes always come with two options. You have to guess what the other one is going to answer. For example, I ask Tay that , for New, which option New is going to choose. I'll count 1-2-3 and then you two answer it at the same time, understand?"

"Uh-huh." We both nod simultaneously.

"Okay, we'll shoot the interview in 15 minutes. You guys can prepare yourselves for the game. It's going to be fun." 

"I hope so." Yes, I really mean it.

"See you in few minutes. Take your time."

Now we both are sitting next to each other with cameras facing towards us. Outside the frame, the staffs are sitting and waiting for the shooting to begin. 

"Don't be too stressed. It's just a game, okay?" New turns to me. 

"I understand."

"Okay, let's begin the shooting. 5-4-3-2-1 Action!" A staff shouts and the shooting has begun. One staff who is an MC starts to ask us questions.

"Let's start from New. What do you think Tay will choose between the mountain and the sea? I'll count and you two answer at the same time, okay? 1-2-3..."

"Mountain" We both said the same word out loud. I can't help turning to him again. 

Does he still remember this?

"Next question, between cats and dogs....1-2-3...."

"Dogs" He turns and smiles to me. I can't say a word.

"Erm.....yes....dogs." Does he still remember this?

"Wow, I'm quite impressed. You guys really know each other." The MC gives a big smile to us.

"Next question, between Spaghetti and Tom Yam...1-2-3...."

"Tom Yam" I know this one was so easy for him. Too easy, I  would say.

"Three correct answers in a row? Cool. Next question, between party and slow life...1-2-3..."

"Slow life" He can remember what I like. 

"Switzerland or USA?"


"Actually I like Switzerland. But this time I choose USA because I've never been there. Sorry, friend."

"You're cheating. You have to answer at the same time with me."

"Oh, right. Sorry."

"It's okay. Don't worry. We can edit it later." MC tells us. "Now we'll move to Tay. You have to guess what New is gonna choose." 

My heart starts to tremble hard again without any reasons. I don't want to lie to myself. But he still remembers it. Some part deep inside my body feels happy. He's still the same. I wonder...

Do we still have....us?

No, Tay! Be strong! Don't be stupid! It's just a game. Why did you hope for it again? You jerk! Just keep calm and act like you have already forgot him already. Can you do it?

Yes, I have forgot him already...

"First question. Between dogs and cats..."

This one is too easy. Even the fans can answer that. I cannot pretend that I don't know the answer.


"Next, question. Between mountain and sea..."

I know he likes the mountain. That's where we always want to spend vacation together. Cool breezes with mountain view in the morning. 

"Sea" "Mountain" The first was my answer. And the latter was his at the same time. I am correct actually. I know the correct answer deep down in my memory....

and inside my heart....

"You know that we always want to go to the mountains together." He starts to remind me things.

"Oh....right. Sorry, I forget about that already. Can we move to the next question?"

"Yes, we can. Next question, between Spaghetti and Tom Yam?"

He cannot eat spicy food, I know it well. But I have to show him that I forgot about that already.

"Tom Yam" 

Did we really say Tom Yam at the same time? What the heck was that?

"I started to like Tom Yam since Tay asked me to try it several times" New explains it to the MC. I don't want to be suspicious so I decided to sit there listening to him quietly.

"That's really lovely of you two." The MC cannot hold her smile again.

"Next, between party and slow life?"

"Slow life" He turns to me smiling again. Then turns to the MC...

"We love to travel together without plan. Just chill and going slowly..." Then he continues

"...Sometimes we just book the air tickets and hotels and just fly there without plan..." As I realized, I am staring at him already.

"...We just go here and there. We get lost. We argue."

My heart is shaking harder and harder. Like it can explode at any time.

"Then we make up. We continue walking. We find the destination."

Why it has to be like this?

"I think that's life."

I am showing that I have completely forgot you. Why, New?

"And I think that's us." He's smiling at me.

I can't do it anymore.

"I'm really sorry. I need to go to the toilet now." 

"Are you okay, Tay?" Said MC


I'm standing here alone in the dressing room, facing myself in the mirror again. 

"Tay, you fool! Why did you let him come back again? Why?"

I can't lie to myself. I never forget his voice. I never forget his smile. I never forget what he likes. I never forget those good old memories we had together.

Actually.... I never forget 'us'.

"Hey..." I turn to the person whom I know his voice so well. "Are you okay?"


"Tay, are you okay?"

"Why are you doing this?"

"Doing what?"


"What is it?"

"Reminding me of the things. Why, New? I want to forget you for the whole time after we broke up. Why did you come back to bring all of this up again? WHY!?" I can't keep calm anymore. 


"...." New doesn't say a word.

"I am here today to show you that I have already moved on..." Shit, why am I crying why saying this?

"I am here today to show you that there's nothing between us anymore..." Tears keep come down form my eyes.

"Is there really nothing between us?" He asks.


"Listen, Tay. You don't need to forget about us."


"I know you can move on. But it does not necessary that you have to completely forget things between us, you know?"

"But I don't want to be the weak one."

"You aren't. No one is weak. I'm not strong. There's no use to act as if we have forgot about each other. We can keep our good memories. We can keep our bond. I will always remember you no matter what we are."


"Here." He walks closer to me. We are close that I cannot turn away from his eyes. Those eyes are still like the old days. He holds my hand.

"No matter what status we are, we are always each other's best friend, remember?"

"Yes, I remember."

He pats my head gently and smiles. "We are who we are. And I'll always be your best friend. You dumb ass."

"Thanks." I can't help but smile with my teary eyes.

"No problem. Shall we go back and finish our shooting?" He asks.

"Yeah, we should."

"Okay. I'll back to the staffs first. You can come later, okay?"

He turns around and is about to walk away.



"Have you found someone you love now?"

"..." He turns back to me again. 

"Why are you asking?"

"I....I don't know."

"Yes, Tay. I have found someone. It's not only you who wants to move on."

"Oh.....I.....I am glad to hear it."

"Thanks, friend. Come to the shooting soon when you're ready, okay?"

"Okay." I smile to him as he lefts the room. 

"It's time for you to move on too, Tay." I talk to myself, wipe those tears, and step to the door.

The wind gently blows, my tears flow
All that is left is the scent of my heart, permeating with loneliness
My love still hasn't faded away, it's stuck in my heart
I still smell my longing, inducing me to dream...

He has already moved on.
I have to do it too.

I was once stuck by your side, clinging tightly to you
Under the reflection of the moonlight, my feelings are aroused, they haven’t faded away
I hide them inside, deep down in my heart
Preserving you in there...

No matter how much I love him, he's being with someone he loves now.

All that has survived is just the scent that has never faded away
I still smell it like the old days when the wind blew...

I should be happy for his new life.

I only throw away the past that will never return...

Good luck, New. Thanks for once being my love.

Hiding you in my heart...

You'll always be inside this heart.

Love always, 

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