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    UNISTAR : Invisible Moon [English Version]

    โดย L.Loklalla

    'Invisible Moon' is a title of idol 'In', UNISTAR Member. He's outstanding and has a lot of fans, but rarely be seen as if he's invisible. While I'm just a common person, but I can see him clearly.










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    "He is the moon shining on the sky, 

    while I'm just the unseeable air."


    [Thai BL Novel Translation]

    Translated from Thai novel named "เดือน.ล่อง.หน".

    Author : ล.โลกลัลล้า

    Translator : L.Loklalla & BlueBeryl

    Translation Editor: ninaviews

    Cover Artist : mind*creator


    His name is In.

    He is the university Moon.

    He is one of the UNISTAR members.

    He is a 3rd year senior in my faculty.

    He has an outstanding appearance. He is famous and popular.

    But he is able to 'hide' himself from other people.

    My name is Win.

    I'm an unnoticed person.

    I'm just an ordinary 1st-year college student.

    I'm not famous, no one is interested in me, no one recognises me.

    But I'm able to 'see' that famous In, who can hide from other people.

    Main Characters

    Win (Archawin Deshsakul) ; An ordinary freshman in XU University, Faculty of Business Administration.

    In (Intrakorn Dechapraphas) ; A 3rd year student in XU University, Faculty of Business Administration who also happens to be a popular UNISTAR member and a faculty Moon.


    This is the English translation of BL (Boy's Love) novel.

    Genre: Feel good, Thai College Life, Idol, Slow Romance

    Story Hashtag: #InvisibleMoon #เดือนล่องหน

    Translated from Thai novel named "UNISTAR เดือน.ล่อง.หน".

    The copyright belongs to "ล.โลกลัลล้า (L.Loklalla)".

    Link for Thai Version : https://my.dek-d.com/colourfulearth/writer/view.php?id=1763922


    This story is one of the 'UNISTAR' set.

    UNISTAR has 5 stories in total, as the list below.

    1.Invisible Moon (เดือน.ล่อง.หน)

    2.Half Moon (เดือน.ครึ่ง.เสี้ยว)

    3.Beautiful Moon (เดือน.กลบ.ดาว)

    4.Dim Moon (เดือน.อับ.แสง)

    5.Full Moon (เดือน.เต็ม.ดวง)

    Note: The Thai version of Invisible Moon, Half Moon, Beautiful Moon were already completed. Dim Moon and Full Moon are still on-going. Invisible Moon is the first English translation, I'm still working hard on translating. Thank you~ :D


    Author's Note

    The main story for Invisible Moon consists of 38 chapters (including epilogue) in total. These translated chapters, like its original Thai version, will be published for free reading.

    Apart from the main story, I'll also be publishing 9 extra chapters. However, in order to be fair to my Thai version readers, these extra chapters will be published as payable chapters and will not be available for free. As of now, I plan to make the extra chapters (and eBook once it's completed) available on ReadAWrite and MEB. I will update on how to access them once they are available.

    My contact Info

    I'm a Thai native, able to communicate in English and Chinese.

    I'm happy to talk to everyone in your preferred language. Thank you~

    Facebook Page : EarthLok - ล.โลกลัลล้า

    Twitter : @colourfulearth (named 'L.Loklalla')

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