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Then he asked me one question.

“this story might not be the most pleasant thing to be listened to, but even with that said, do you still want to hear it?”

He gazed into the far nothingness in the distance. his eyebrows twirl like he's suffering trying to recall a memory he doesn't want to brought up for, perhapse, ever again. I poked my head onward to get closer to him, but he leaned away even further. and the atmosphere at the tea table did not loosen even with the gentle breeze of spring softly sweeping through.

“I can try. Good or bad, I'll still listen to it anyway.” I replied.

“Will you promise me to be the first, and the last person I told this story to?”

“I promise”

we shared a moment of silence, then I heard the leaf rustling on the tall tree before silence took hold.


his eyelid became closed, his face tainted with blue.




-Zahard's Part-


I closed my eyes, memories of the event that ended long ago resurface.

Though time went on, the past still remain as cleared as if engraved to my soul. Voices I have heard, sensation I have felt, not a detail I have forgot.

…As if I waswith ‘him’ again in the calm before the storm.

 before all would shatter.

reminded me of this body I hate, the loss I suffered, the agony brought by a wretched fate, and the worse I've commit. Everything that begun in one winter shortly come to a closing with a guilt deep down within my heart.

Before knowing it, I've slipped and fell deep into the realm of those memories once again…

…into a sweet dream which won't last.



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