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Lost Ark Tortoyk cowls second hidden story location

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Lost Ark: All Tortoyk Hidden Story Locations

In Lost Ark, collecting to complete your Adventurer's Tome can be the primary source for unique items and bonuses Lost Ark Gold. Tortoyk is home to mokoko seeds. So you won't find any to collect in this game. However, some items for your tome seem to be difficult to complete.

There are seven hidden tales across the continent of Tortoyk. Incredibly, only three can be solved with only a single clue. However there are four multi-clue stories will require the player travel to two distinct locations to finish the task within the stipulated time. So, it is advised to make a list of all your triport locations first. Once you've got that done then, use our guide below to find all the locations that you require.

The Adventurer's Soul - Skyreach Steppe The Secret History Site

Head northwest from towards the Rocky Forest Hill Triport and continue along the north-facing pathway. The next section proceed northwest again until the point at which you climb the vines up to the Grave of the Guardian. Prior to climbing up to the left of the vines there's a muddy-looking pond. In the water, search and you'll find out all about The Adventurer's Soul.

Cowl's Moving Locarok - Two-Part Hidden Story Location

Pow Honey Health Tonic Pow Mokoko Village Cooking Ingredient

You'll need deep pockets for this one. Take a trip to the Dessert Merchant Tellara in the eastern part in Mokoko Village, on the road leading toward The Sweexer Forest portal. She'll sell to you all the Sweet-o-Sweet Honey you need - for 190.000 silver coins. Take this to Cook Supiso and she'll give you your own Pow Pow Honey Health Tonic for a more affordable 900 silver.

Sweet, Sweet Royal Jelly Seaswept Woods cooking ingredient

Then, enter Seaswept Woods from the Mokoko Village portal and head to the southeast until when you reach. Near its southern tip is a bandit camp in which you'll find the bench that has some documents on it.

A few steps towards the north of the table, you will find the orange-colored flowering plants. Examine this plant to gather Honeycomb cheapest Lost Ark Gold. Bring the Honeycomb for Cook Supiso in Mokoko Village, and she'll convert it to Sweet Sweet Royal Jelly for 1.400 silver.

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