Tropical Agiculture Degree

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Bachelor of Science Program in Tropical Agriculture (International Program) Faculty of Agriculture, Kasetsart University










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  Kasetsart University is one of the most prestigious and well-known universities in Thailand. The Faculty of Agriculture, the premier faculty of Kasetsart University established at its inception in 1943, currently carries out education, research and academic services at Bangkhen campus.  The faculty consists of nine departments, including Agricultural Extension and Communication, Agronomy, Animal Science, Entomology, Farm Mechanics, Home Economics, Horticulture, Plant Pathology, and Soil Science. Through these departments, the Faculty of Agriculture offers a range of high-quality courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. 


                The international program in tropical agriculture is a four-year program which will provide students with knowledge in Agriculture.   A specialized English support course is built into the program providing students with English communicative skills and support throughout the program.  After graduating, students will receive a bachelor degree of science (B.S.) in Tropical Agriculture from Kasetsart University


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·         To produce qualified human resources in tropical agriculture to work with local and international business firms with English communicative skills.
·         To respond to Kasetsart University’s academic quality development schemes in curriculum, course structure and ideology of a holistic approach to their internationalization policy.
·         To support the national policy of being an academic center of excellence in Asia and the Pacific.
·         To exchange the culture and language between students from other countries and between students and lectures.

Curriculum Total  125 credits 
General Basic Courses32           credits
·         Elementary Applied Mathematics 
·         Abridged Physics and Laboratory in Abridged Physics 
·         English 
·         Introduction to Economics 
·         Man and Society 
·         The Use of Library Resources 
·         Arts of Living 
·         Physical Education Activities 
Specialist Courses87  credits
·   Core Courses37  credits
o   Farm Engine and Farm Machinery 
o   Agricultural Extension and Technology Transfer 
o   Animal Science and Technology  
o   Crop Science and Technology 
o   Introduction to Entomology 
o   Soil Science 
o   Horticultural Science and Technology 
o   Introductory Plant Pathology 
o   General Botany 
o   Introductory Plant Physiology 
o   General Chemistry and Laboratory in General Chemistry 
o   Principle of Biology and Laboratory in Biology 
·   Compulsory Specific Courses33  credits
o  Agricultural Information Technology 
o  Animal Resources and Management 
o  Economic Crops and Laboratory in Economic Crops 
o  Principles of Weed Control 
o  Economic Insects Management 
o  Geographical Information System for Agriculture 
o  Food Sanitation 
o  Principles of Horticulture 
o  Principles of Plant Propagation 
o  Diseases of Economic Crops 
o  Soil Fertility 
·  Compulsory Elective Courses17  credits
o  General Practicum and Specific Practicum 
o  Co-operative Education Preparation Co-operative Education 
o  Principles of Farm Management 
o  Principles of Agricultural Marketing 
o  Introduction to Agribusiness 
o  Principles of Management 
Free Electives Units6    credits

Admission Requirements


·         Applicants must possess a secondary school (M6) certificate or its equivalents* as issued by the Ministry of Education, Thailand.

·         Applicants who pass the English Examination from the tropical agricultural program, Kasetsart University or have a IELTS score 5.0 or TOEFL score equivalents will then be interviewed.  Only those who successfully pass the interview will be admitted to the program.

* Please contact us for more information


-          An official high-school transcript

-          An official high-school diploma

-          Two of one-inch or two-inch photo,recently taken

-          A photocopy of the identification card or passport

-          IELT or TOEFL score (if applicable)



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