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A Tale for the Song

โดย Mel

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    A person slowly wakes up to find themself sitting in a vast sea that is filled with stars under the infinite space. Even though the person is alone, but they don’t feel lonely, because the stars feel to be brimming with life. The stars sing and dimly shine just enough to keep themselves company. The person just admires the beauty of the place they now call home.

    A new ripple forms on the water surface, but it’s not from the person themself. The person began traveling through the sea to find the source of these new ripples.

    It turns out the source is a star. It was one shining so bright in all sort of color that the person can’t help but get curious. The person's hand slowly reaches out to touch the star.

    Then the scenery around the person changes. From the dark space filled with dimly lit stars to a lush green forest that is full of life. The person admires the new place they discovered. This place is filled with a life form in which the person hasn’t ever seen before.

    But soon, the excitement of the discovery faded and turns into fear. The person fears that they could never go home and that the stars will abandon them.

    The forest soon darkens, and a loud shriek can be heard. The person turns toward the source of the sound and found a giant fiery red bird preparing to take off. The person follows the bird and it doesn’t mind the new company. 

    Soon the bird guides the person toward an open space by a giant lake. The person looks at the lake and saw the stars, however, this lake that seems to be full of stars is not the same as the one they calls home. The person looks up to realize that the sea full of stars is actually above them. The vast dark space filled with dimly lit light is now the sky.

    The person despair, but the new friend they made seems to make this news more bearable.

    Time passes on this planet, as new life comes and goes, one remains constant.

    One that witnesses the rise and fall of mountains, land, and sea.

    One that still lives in this ball of dirt in a space full of stars.

    One that calls this place home.

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