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What would Lucy do when her favorite spy book disappear? Who dare took her book!?!? Bonus: sneak peek of the new book in the series!










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by Ran and Ryu

Lucy & Lucette Mystery series

Book 2



One morning at 6:20 o'clock, Lucy slammed the alarm clock which was ringing very loudly. 

" You'll wake everyone up! " she hissed. Lucy opened her drawer and tried to find her favourite book, Spies and Mysteries, only to find that it was gone! At breakfast, Lucy was looking troubled. 

" What's wrong?" Lucette, her sister asked her.

" Spies and Mysteries is gone," Lucy answered. " It looks like we've got another mystery to solve, doesn't it?" 

" You two do like mysteries don't you?" their mother grinned.

The next day, Lucy and Lucette went to examine the spot where Lucy had last left the book. Lucette took out her spy kit and fumbled around in it trying to find her magnifying glass.

" Aha!" she cried dramatically pulling it out. Lucy sighed and smacked her forehead. Lucette looked embarrassed. " Let's see if it has a few fingerprints around it shouldn't we?" she said, trying to change the subject. They found some fingerprints and wondered who they belonged to.

 " Let's search it up and see if it's a known criminal, ok?" Lucy said.

 Lucette replied: " ok.” 

Suddenly, a bird flew in through the window. “ Message from Dragic to Lucy & Lucette!” the bird cried, holding out a roll of dragon parchment

" Thanks, Beaky," said Lucette. " Here it is, Lucy." 

Dear Lucy and Lucette, my favourite book is missing! Can you help me to find it? I found some fingerprints around the spot where I left it. Can you come tomorrow at 4:00 PM in my cave? I promise I won't clean it up, ok? 

" He has the same problem as me!" Lucy exclaimed. " We should go to see him shouldn't we?" They wrote yes please see you later on the back of the note and tied it to Snowy's leg (Lucy's owl) who set off to Dragic's cave. Next day, they woke up feeling excited. Lucy set her alarm clock even earlier, so it rang at 6:00 AM. She prodded Snowy awake and gave her a letter to give to Dragic. It said: 

Dear Dragic, I also have a favourite book missing. We also found fingerprints around the spot where I left it. If the people who stole our books are different, it'll be hard. If it's the same thief, it'll be a whole lot easier. I haven't forgotten we're going to visit you at 4:00.  She rolled up the scroll which she had written on dragon parchment (Dragic had given them an eternal two pieces of dragon parchment for Christmas), gave it to Snowy who set off into the growing daylight.

 Lucy and Lucette were already finishing their bowl of cereal when their mother came downstairs ( the time Lucy woke up. 6:20).

“What are you guys doing down here so early?” asked their Mum, surprised.

" We just woke up and couldn't sleep again," Lucette replied as she and her bigger sister put their bowls away in the sink. " We're going to visit Dragic at 4:00 in the afternoon, is that ok?" 

" Yes, you can." answered their Mum, still looking surprised. Time passed. 

" oh, it's already 3:50!" thought Lucette. " I'd better tell Lucy." 

3 minutes later, they set off. On the way, they saw footprints. As Lucy was a teenager already, she had a phone. She took a picture of them and continued to walk to Dragic's cave.

Finally, they reached it. They found Dragic pacing around his huge cave looking worried.

" What's up?" Lucy asked as they reached him. 

" Another one of my things is gone," Dragic moaned. " your crossword book about dragons you gave me for Christmas." 

" Hmm. Let's see the fingerprints shall we?" suggested 11-year-old Lucette peering around her 13-year-old sister. Dragic nodded glumly and gestured them to the spot with his paws.

" Look!" Lucy exclaimed. "They're the same ones as ours!" 

" Oh yeah!" Lucette said." Dragic, can we go to your old workplace? Like when you were the police? You know, to see Inspector Wing the phoenix?"

" Yeah!" roared Dragic. " yeah, let's go! He knows almost every single criminal!" 

So, they clambered clumsily onto Dragic's back (he somehow made the spines disappear) and flew off to a tree in a clearing. Lucy pulled out a hidden wand and conjured a portal out of thin air (their parents had no idea they could do magic). They stepped into the portal as Dragic's spines appeared again. Whoosh! A few seconds later, they opened their eyes and looked around. There was a police station with a sign over the entrance that said Magical animals/normal animals police station. 

" Wow!" both the girls gasped. There were animals in every single room (not the jail cells though). Also, there were a few people who had magic there. Only people who had magic could come. Suddenly, there was a whoosh of fire and a phoenix was there. 

" Dragic. What a pleasure to see you again." said Inspector Wing. " and you bought a few friends too! How nice." 

" Hi, Inspector. We came because we wondered if you knew someone with these fingerprints." Dragic said.

" And Lucy took pictures of his footprints!" screeched Snowy, appearing out of nowhere. She swooped down and steadied herself on Lucy's shoulder.

" What...? How did you...? Did you...?" Lucy sputtered. " did you say that the thief is a man?"

" Yes, I know exactly who it is," replied Snowy. " it's Lingo Poop! Except that's only his code name. His real name is Dougie Fisher. He had captured me before so I know him. I only needed the evidence, that's all."  

" Dougie Fisher? The guy who works for the SPRING organisation?" Dragic and Lucette asked.

" Yes. But SPRING is very smart so we'll have to work together to take them out," Inspector Wing pointed out. 

" When you were solving the mystery of your Mum's ring, that was only a mission that was easy. This one is going to be a whole lot harder. And it was a beginner one too as you were a small girl,"  added Snowy. 

" Yeah. But this is gonna be tough." Lucy said.

They all went back through the magic portal and waved as  Inspector Wing said goodbye. In a swirl of feathers, he flew back up to his office (which was on a tree).

They dropped Dragic off at his cave and went back home feeling tired.

At 9:00 they both went to bed and fell asleep as soon as they curled up under their blanket.

Next morning, Lucy jumped up as she fell out of her bed. Luckily, she landed on the mattress and wasn't hurt. It was only 5:32 AM. She didn't feel sleepy so she got out a flashlight and started reading one of her school books. Suddenly, Lucy heard a sharp tapping. It sounded a bit like spikes against the window. She looked up and nearly dropped her book in astonishment. Dragic was there, grinning at her! He was flapping his wings quite hard so she decided to let him in. Lucy opened the window and Dragic began to shrink. He was soon small enough to fit into the window. In Lucy's big bedroom, Dragic was just able to fit in.

" So?" Lucy asked. " What's the matter?" 

Dragic replied excitedly, " I found Lingo Poop! He was hiding in a treehouse! A big one in fact. Big enough to fit me and your family with a couple of supplies! We must tell Lucette." 

So they rushed over to Lucette's room and told her everything. Snowy had just come back from early morning hunting. She saw Lucy telling everything to Lucette while Dragic interrupted a little. They called Inspector Wing and he said he would join them at the foot of the treehouse.

So they went down at 5:39 to the treehouse in the woods ( Lucy and Lucette loved to explore there but never came upon a treehouse before). Dragic led them to the treehouse and found Inspector Wing waiting there. They climbed the ladder (except the flying animals) to the main part of the treehouse.  Lingo Poop was softly snoring there. Lucy cautiously threw a net over him and dragged him over to Dragic. They flew to a special prison near Inspector Wing's office.

He confessed everything and gave them back their books ( he took them to see if there was secret information inside even though he claimed that he took them because he was bored).

Everyone high-fived each other and went back home. They waved to Inspector Wing and took off through the magic portal with Snowy flying beside them. It had been a tiring morning.




Want to read some more? Here's the preview of the next story in the Lucy & Lucette Mystery Series. Enjoy!


By Ran and Ryu

Lucy yelled " Yay!" She had finally gotten what she wanted. A pack of spy gadgets from the advertisement in the yearly book list. She carried the box inside, meaning to open it in her room with her 11-year-old sister, Lucette. Lucy was 13. She called Lucette into her room and carefully opened the package. They let out a shriek of excitement. The box contained two-way glasses ( every object had a double of it), notebooks and invisible ink pens with decoder lights on the end. They tried everything and went to see Dragic, to show him the gadgets.

Hope you enjoyed the book! THE MYSTERY OF THE TURTLE THIEVES coming up.



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