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    นิยายเรืองนี้มี 11 ตอน = 11 วัน ในนิยาย ตายหมดก็จบ


    ใช่นี้ class

    robot rank is have basic > advanced > special

    Scout type role:base chaos

    -scout bot

    -hp:100 armor:weak (it protect bullet only for all robot) weapon:Akimbo Pistol speed:2 foot/s

    -Advanced scout bot

    -hp:100 armor:medium weapon:Akimbo uzi speed:2 foot/s Abilities:jetpack use for speed

    -special scout bot 

    -hp:100 armor:medium weapon:smg or maybe use assault rifle speed:2 foot/s Abilities:jetpack

    Command unit role:radio support

    -field Sergeant bot

    -hp:100 armor:medium weapon:(primary:assault rifle,secondary:Pistol) speed:1 foot/s utility:radio support can be load 1 command support Ability:rally charge

    -field officer bot:same as field Sergeant but he can load 2 command support

    -field commander bot:same as field Sergeant and field officer but he can load 4 command support

    Artillery&deconstruct role:bomb launcher

    -Grenader bot

    -hp:100 armor:medium weapon:Grenade Launcher speed:1 foot/s ability:UI artillery it work like calculate physic simulation

    (I think you guys are boring to see hp and armor is set all robot have 100hp and medium armor but only tanker)

    -Rocketeer bot

    -weapon:Rocket Launcher speed:1 foot/s description:they are can destroy vehicles

    -artillery bot

    -weapon:Pistol or hand smg,some time use mortar Abilities quickly load make artillery ai faster fire description:this robot look like guard of artillery he is load ammo to artillery, v2 mortar they come as solo mortar guy has Ability like Grenader bot

    Close range combat role:make enemy fear and run a way

    -Shotgunner bot

    -weapon shotgun speed 1 foot/s if charge 3 foot/s ability use back shotgun after change description:back shotgun is hard to broke and made from steel

    -charger bot

    -weapon:shotgun with a bayonet speed:2 foot/s if charge 8 foot/s description:this robot look like panic he charge as panic and kill enemy by no mercy by using bayonet and shotgun footage:his sound from unit *we are sure we are survive* they hear charger *gahhhhhah* as panic ???3*oh s- boss we dead* owner cam*fire fire fir-* cut

    -special melee combat bot or you call smc

    -weapon smei-auto shotgun or auto shotgun speed:1 foot/s if charge 5 foot/s ability:shotgun C.Q.C description:they are technical fighter (idk)

    Tanker unit (do not confuse about tank the vehicle and tanker the tanky unit)

    -light tanker bot

    -hp:200 armor:heavy weapon:LMG speed:1 foot/s

    -Medium Tanker bot

    -hp:300 armor:very heavy weapon:MMG speed:1 foot/s weakness he is to heavy

    -Heavy Tanker bot

    -hp:450 armor:very heavy weapon:HMG speed:0.5 foot/s weakness heavy

    -Juggernaut bot

    -same heavy tanker but armor:Bulletproof explosives only connon work weapon:Minigun

    Engineering unit

    -Engineer bot

    -hp:100 armor:medium weapon:Pistol speed 1 foot/s utility wrench Ability constructs turret:hp 50 armor weak dmg 20-40 ammo 5/15,generator:hp 50 generate resources for engineer and teleporter:hp 50 u know what it can do

    -advance engineer bot

    -hp:100 armor:medium weapon:primary assault rifle,secondary Pistol utility wrench speed 1 foot/s Ability constructs sentry:hp 75 armor weak dmg 30-45 ammo 200,advance generator:hp 75 more generate resources and heal,advance teleporter:hp 75 just teleport tool

    -technician bot

    -hp:100 armor medium weapon:assault rifle and pistol utility wrench speed 2 foot/s ability:constructs connon sentry:hp 120 armor medium dmg 100-150 armor-piercing,special generator: hp 100 ×2 resources and healing,special teleporter hp 100 just teleport

    Ok tell you about robot hp are have 100 and armor medium

    Medical team

    -medic bot

    -weapon M16A1 use acid ammo and pistol too speed:2 foot/s utility defibrillator revive team but not dead more 30s lost body part or brain damage

    -Advance medic bot

    -weapon:(M16A1 and pistol u know what it can do) speed:2 foot/s utility defibrillator and medgun no ubercharge

    -special medic bot

    -weapon:M16 and pistol speed:2 foot/s utility defibrillator and medgun now it can be heal if unit in area

    Trapper unit logic for this guy trap if throw it auto complete place as quickly

    -Hunter Bot

    -weapon:hunting rifle,pistol,combat Knife speed:2 foot in forest 4 foot utility bear trap ability:forest fighter

    -sapper bot

    -weapon:assault rifle and pistol speed:2 foot/s ability:throws landmine built sandbags,wood barricade,iron barb on wood barricade

    -Sabotuer bot

    - weapon: Akimbo Pistol speed 1 foot can Sapping engineer connections 

    Sniper unit

    -sniper bot

    -weapon:sniper rifle,smg,Combat Knife speed 1 foot/s

    -advance sniper bot 

    -weapon:smei-auto Sniper Rifle,smg,Combat Knife speed 1 foot/s

    -Railgunner bot this guy have logic

    -weapon:railgun,smg or Pistol,combat Knife speed 2 foot/s logic railgun is developed it can shoot 2000°c idk how

    Infiltrator team

    -assassin bot

    -weapon:Silencer pistol and combat Knife speed:normal guy Abilities invisible control no ran out time and CQC

    -spy bot

    -weapon:Silencer pistol and combat Knife speed:normal guy Abilities invisible control,CQC,disguise

    -Infiltrator bot

    -no info footage *open* listen up boy we are don't know this guy are hiding some where is he and Infiltrator is already Infiltration our team he destroy or defensive look what done with our team and last he cloud be everyones many you or me or- *gun shot* Shotgunner:i thing this old man is crazy maybe he is *Silencer pistol shot* ayo what the f- Infiltrator:uh it still rec? *cut*

    Next normal combat infantry or nci so it problem is large number unit

    Basic unit

    -Recruit bot 

    -hp:100 armor:low weapon pistol and combat Knifeb speed: 1foot/s description:a new conscript from player and civilian they from conscript only

    -Rifle bot

    -hp:100 armor:medium weapon:rifle and combat Knife speed:1 foot/s description:a basic infantry medium range


    -assault bot

    -hp:100 armor:medium weapon:assault rifle speed 2 foot/s


    -hp:100 armor:medium weapon:markman rifle speed: 1 foot/s

    You know hp armor hp is 100 and armor is medium so remember this


    -Sieger bot

    -weapon:assault rifle speed 4 foot/s

    -Sharpshooter bot

    -weapon:Sharpshooter rifle speed: 1 foot/s


    -special forces bot

    -weapon:honey badger rifle speed:technical combat

    -Recon bot

    -weapon:smei-auto Sniper Rifle speed: 2 foot/s

    -Cloner Carrier bot

    -hp:100 armor:medium weapon assault rifle speed 0.5 foot/s after deploy Cloner 1 foot/s Abilities cloner deploy Cloner: hp 50 armor no can spawn infantry unit (rifle bot,assault bot,markbot) but it can be respawn machine for all

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