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    What is love??? Do u know???










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      In your life , you just used to feel many feelings. One of them is \"Love.\" This 14th of February , Valentine\'s Day , the day of love. I\'m going to write about love. Let\'s go!!!
      \" What\'s love ? \" It seems to be a popular question , isn\'t it ? In fact the meaning is so broad. Why ? Have you ever thought about it ? Why is the definition of love so broad but your heart is so small ? No one can tell the perfect and the worst answer. It\'s up to each person but for me love is ? You can read now. 1…2…3…Go!!!
      \'…Love is a valuable feeling that ought to shared and it\'s a wonderful feeling when you reciprocated. Your heart always swell when you fall in love and more when you are near with your sweetheart. Giving love gives pleasure , happiness and gladness but it even better if your is reciprocated. It\'s so exciting , warming and surprising when all those are mixed. You can feel that when you know someone loves you. Even not with your sweetheart. For your love when you take back , it\'s the most wonderful because you will feel that all of the earth gives importance to you. If you are in love , you will know this well , happiness with giving love …Yes!! I believe you can do it.
      \" Love \" is special for someone and may be casual for someone too. Love makes people in the same idea , same way. When happy or sad we never feel alone. The earth is ruthless but not when you have love.
      \" Love \" always pushes you to go on. Love teaches you to use your breath with more value. Love makes you do many things that you could never do before. So love can changes people to become a good or bad person in the same time.
      \" Love \" is like a magic. It can make many things better than it is. Love is like a sword with two edges. So don\'t believe in anything by just seeing because it might be just a mirage made by love…\'
      How was my opinion about love ? Someone may agree and someone may disagree  but that\'s all right. Whose brain is , it who\'s got better ideas ? I can\'t press on you my idea of love. No one can dictate one\'s heart but you can tame yours. It\'s not wrong if we would love who cares who. However love should be well taken care of. It isn\'t the thing you keep seriously yet. Otherwise , it might be just a story of a fool…

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