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25 Minutes

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    25 Minutes

    On December, 24th
    In the romantic restaurant, The man and his girlfriend had dinner and listened to the romantic songs. The man started to speak.
    ‘Joanne, Will we go to have a very good time tomorrow, together?’
    ‘Very good, but where?’ Joanne asked ‘James, I want to go to Central Park. It’s a Christmas Carnival tomorrow. It’s start at 8 a.m.’
    ‘O.K. my sweet heart, tomorrow at Central Park. At 7.30’ said James ‘we’ll have a very romantic memoir’
    ‘Oh, my dear, I love you.’
    ‘I’m too.’
    Then, they went back home. Joanne was very surprise! She saw her mother in her living room. Her mother started to speak while Joanne was very wonderful!
    ‘Oh, My daughter is arriving home!’ her mother barked ‘Where did you go?’
    ‘Err… I went to have dinner with my friend’ Joanne answered.
    ‘Err… You went to have dinner with your friend… Or your boyfriend!’ her mother asked loudly.
    ‘Friend! Mom, Why you… ’ Joanne answered again and tried to ask.
    ‘Beware! If you lie!’ her mother barked ‘Tomorrow, you must go to New Jersey with me!’ she told loudly and angrily.
    ‘No!’ Joanne answered loudly. ‘I have… Err…’
    ‘You have Err… to do something with your boyfriend.’ Said her mother loudly ‘Yes, you must go to say good bye!’
    ‘No! Mom, you can’t control me! I’m not a baby anymore’ said Joanne angrily ‘Tomorrow, I’ll go to have a good time at Central Park!’
    ‘The bad time is true!’ said her mom.
    ‘You don’t understand, mom. I having a true love.’ Said Joanne.
    ‘You don’t understand, Joanne. We don’t have any money, now!’ said mother. Joanne felt very surprise.
    ‘Sorry, you must marry Alcoft!’ said mom sweetly.
    ‘ ‘Cause your hazard! Oh no…’ said Joanne sadly.
    ‘Tomorrow, 9 a.m. we’ll go to New Jersey for money, for so much money!’ said mom crazily. ‘O.K.?’
    Joanne nodded her head.
    Christmas Day at the gate of Central Park
    Joanne and her mom stood and saw for James. Joanne didn’t stop to cry. Many people walked past them, but no James.
    25 minutes had past, James had a couple of the special roses in his hand. He saw for his girlfriend at the gate. No Joanne, no called, and no hope. He forsook his roses and ran to found her.
    He made up his mind to call her, but no her voice from the phone. ‘Where is she?’ he thought and felt very sad.
    A month had past. James can’t found his girlfriend, Joanne. And he made up his mind to go to his friend’s detective agency.
    ‘Nathan, Can you help me?’ said James.
    ‘Yeah, what?’
    ‘Joanne, she, she disappear!’ James answered.
    ‘When?’ asked the detective.
    ‘But! This is Valentine Day’ said Nathan wonderfully.
    ‘Yes, I know’ James shouted and started to cry ‘Can you find her?’
    ‘I’ll try’
    James walked to the gate of Central Park, but something made him stopped and he cried while he found his girlfriend!
    Joanne stood in front of the church in the wedding dress. And James can found Alcoft, his old enemy.
    ‘Joanne…!’  He shouted.
    Nobody heard him; Joanne went into the church with her guests and 25 minutes had past, that they went out the church.  James stayed the same place looked at the church door.
    At the same time, Joanne cans found his boyfriend while he made up his mind to run!  He ran to Hyde Park and called Nathan.
    ‘Can you go to Hyde Park, Now?’ said James
    ‘O.K.!’ Nathan hung up his phone and went to see his friend in Hyde Park.  He can saw his friend but while, James was intoxicates.  Nathan took him home and Joanne followed them quietly.
    ‘Ah!  You’re very heavy’ said Nathan in his agency.
    ‘Yes, He’s very heavy’ said Joanne at the door.  Nathan was very wonderful; his guest was in the wedding dress!
    ‘Tomorrow, I will go to London at 9 a.m., please tell him’ said Joanne and she went out sadly.
    James woke up at 7 a.m. on Feb 15th.  He found his letter and the table.

    Dear James
       Feb, 15th, 9 a.m. flight to London
       Let’s go James

    He took a shower and got a beautiful suit and went right towards the airport.  He had 25 minutes to find his girl friend, Joanne.
    ‘Joanne!’  He shouted.
    He ran around the airport but he can’t found his girlfriend.  He made up his mind to stop, but,
    ‘James!’ someone called him sweetly.
    ‘Joanne! Where are you?’  He can’t know where is Joanne.
    ‘I’m here!’  Joanne shouted in back of James and laughed  ‘I am free! Alcoft dead from my mind and mom believe you are the best for me!’
    ‘Right?’ said James happily ‘marry me?’
    ‘Yes!’  Joanne answered and they hugged, kissed lovely.

    The End
    By Ratinun Leelangamwongsa class 2/7 No. 15
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