BC Newspaper [Bear City]

BC Newspaper [Bear City]
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Bear City Newspaper
Opening Newpaper!!

The Bear City Newpaper opened in this friday [25th Sep, 2009]. The newspaper's name may longest for you so we would call it 'BC News'. >> Read next to page 2

Home news
sweat stain

About 10th September 2009, has biggest war in Bear kingdom history. Sindy was terrorist. She started sweat stain war by steal people's sweat stain. >> Next page 3

Science News
; Discover new theorys by little docter

One litter thai docter's name is Kor. He discovered new theorys. It can help you about calculate mathematic and understand science up. >> Read next to page 4

Entertainment News
; Preparing big concert

All this week, 5 superstars and 6 superdancers are sharing prepare concert at In Font Of Tower [IF Tower] >> Read Adv. page 5

; Form funny student to super girl star

Super girl star name is Nice. Her showing history is best. The music drama is her work now, Its name is 'chuy yud lok ron tee!!'[please stop global warming!!] You can watch her drama soon. Although she has many other works. >> Read next page 6

Environment News
; Problem paper rocket in Kingdom

The people in kingdom don't know about little resources in Bear kingdom. They have done kingdom dirty, Now northen kingdom found this problem, It attacked form southern kingdom. >> Read next page 6

Page 2

Opening newpaper

This name came form friend's doll, Her name is Auan(อ้วน). Everybody in my kingdom [We called our classroom 'Bear Kingdom and kingdom king's name is Kor, Kingdom queen's name is Auan , Kingdom son's name is Mike and kingdom daughter's name is Fai.'] have played her doll, The bear has nickname is Scurf Bear. The general manager is Dr.Mike, A general manager have idea for develop Bear kingdom to have clever people in kingdom. 

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