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Remedies for performance anxiety

Hopefully, only by reading this chapter can you begin to unravel some negative thoughts you may have about your abilities.










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How to stop sexual performance anxiety?

Hopefully, only by reading this chapter can you begin to unravel some negative thoughts you may have about your abilities. Realistically, overcoming this level of anxiety can take more work. But there are some things you can do:

1 . Leave the stress and anxiety out of the bedroom.

Performance anxiety doesn't have to be addressed just in relation to sex; you can find ways to reduce stress or general anxiety levels in life. Here are some ideas:

try meditation, breathing exercises, mindfulness, yoga, or any exercise or hobby that helps you relax.

2 . Keep fit and eat a good diet . This can improve both the physical and mental state.

3. Don't compare yourself to anyone else

4. Remember that you can't be perfect every time.

It won't always last as long as you want and you can't always get the best erection. There are factors beyond your control that you sometimes need to accept.

5. Try not to enter a cycle of fear.

This is like saying 'the solution to the problem is not to have the problem' Fildena 100mg , Super p Force , Fildena 50 , and it's not very helpful; It's important to remember that constantly worrying that 'it's about to happen again' will make it more likely.

6. Communicate with your partner

If you leave all worries in your head then they will seem bigger, scarier and more difficult to deal with. Speaking openly with your partner can help in several ways.

7. Change your goals to reduce the fear of failure

Sexual performance anxiety is reduced to fear of failure. Failure can be seen as the inability to maintain an erection and bring the partner to orgasm through 10-20 minutes of penetrative sex.

It may be that you have set yourself an unreasonable goal at this time in your life; but you can change this goal, especially if you talk about it with your partner. Maybe together we can decide to find other ways to please each other.

There is not only penetrative sex; it is possible to stimulate and satisfy the partner through manual or oral stimulation, for example or it can take longer for foreplay. If you speak out, you develop an open mind that makes you think beyond basic sex, thus reducing the fear of failure, changing the meaning of success.

If you can then give pleasure to your partner through other means, this will be able to rebuild self-confidence that will help you feel 'man'.

And then little by little, your confidence and self-esteem will increase and help you improve things.

8.Consider professional help

Sometimes all the self-help tips in the world won't lead to success; then you can benefit from the professional help of a counselor, therapist or psychologist; they can help develop more positive ways of thinking, as well as discover the reasons contributing to sexual concerns that you were not aware of.

9. Don't take drugs and alcohol

Lawful and illicit drugs can affect both sexual functioning and mentality. Many guys realize that drinking alcohol can help them last longer in bed, but drinking too much can lead to not getting a real erection.

10. Slow down, breathe and try to relax

From the moment you start kissing your partner until the moment of actual sex, you need to take steps to stay calm; controlling your breath is one of the best ways to keep your body and mind relaxed.

While there's no denying the passion for a "quickie", it's not always the best solution for anxious guys.

Women also like slow, sensual and passionate intercourse; take longer for foreplay and when you start having sex, you don't need to get to it as fast as hitting a hammer.



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