Thailand Poem 4.0

Animal on Fantasy
by Pornchai Juntratip  {January 2017}

Don't you know little children
our Father in Heaven
decrees creatures to live with man
to furnish sea, skies and land.
Some of you know some of them
If not, that's not a problem.
You'll see some of them some time
either at home or in the wild!


Ant is born a social workers.
He labors for one another,
sneaking through slit in thick walls
dragging stuff morsel or small,
lifting load many times his weight
scent and odor help him go straight;
He toils all day long in summer
to enjoy snugly-warm winter.


Bat looks like a bird with ears
the slightest noise he can hear;
also a rat with crooked wings
flying zigzag as though sailing.
He avoids being in daylight
for he's a pirate of the night;
seizing insects and small creature,
stealing reap of fruitgrowers.


Butterfly is pleasure on wings--
much more than a splendid things:
So beautiful but fragile,
any moment turns volatile.
whenever the pied wings flutter
like the brush of a court painter
wigwag journey is on display--
airborn flowers of sunny days!


Cat is said to live ninthlife 
a terror  for household mice.
He can move on paws like dawn mist;
Lurking he's a strategist.
His eyes look vigil in the dark,
as he creeps toward his mark.
He's a seductive house member--
nudging the feet of his master.


Camel is on pop cigarette,
he's too big to be a house pet.
With some strange heat-proof feature,
he plods one week without water.
A traveler of desert sand,
a vehicle of arid land,
for centuries he helps serve man
as muscle of trade caravan.


Dog is more than versatile
Man regards him as worthwhile
As guardian he is the best;
as lookout he never rests.
As helper he never fails
for his devotion prevails.
Where his feat is ever-present
he becomes a monument.


Donkey is lowly in fables
there he carries big bundles. 
He is not good for chase or race
In pomps he never has a place.
He is to draw shoddy buggy
for kids and woman with babies.
Yet he deserves zenith honor
the day he carries man's Savior!


Elephant is children's hero.
His tusks are curly jumbo.
He trumpets songs of forest land.
His trunk moves like human hand.
In procession he steps with grace;
in battle he can charge and race.
Born a woodland gentry,
he's a token of sobriety.


Goat is a born forliage raker
He helps clear weeds for farmers.
He can bear cold mountain air;
his Angolan skin brings mohair.
Well-fed, he gives ample milk;
his Cashmier  skin is smoothas silk.
In the wild he's a survivor.
As pet he's a friendly creature.


Sleeping, giraffe looks grotesque;
Standing, he looks picturesque
Running, he's racer of the plain;
for he can match a freight train.
Grazing, his head stands six meters;
so his eyes can view much farther.
kicking, he looks quite deadly
scaring his enemy. 
His homeland is in Africa,
Tarzan film makes him s star!


Honeybee is a meadow keeper
for she pollinates flowers
She collects nectar all day long.
Her nylon wings drone sylvan song.
In sunshine she works non-stop;
in humid air her saughties drops.
Her labor sweetens the moon;
with honey lips on wedding spoon.


Horse has both beauty and valor;
he deserves both trust and honor.
 He takes man home in saddle
he dies with man in battle
Should he be in a hall of fame:
Horsepower is his great name.
Loose horseshoe connotes a blunder;
dark horse is sometimes a winner!


Mongoose looks like a  cat with fur
his paws are jagged like spurs.
His teeth are carver-sharp
he can snap reptiles in half
He looks alert with energy
for snakes are  his enemy.
Peddlers make him a folk-show star
they keep him to fight cobras.


Monkey is noisy and nimble
He is mischievous but simple
On trees he dangles  around
on four he scoots on the ground
He can mimicks easy crafts,
he can make circus audience laugh
He's too much to be a house pet;
too little to use a wallet.


Porcupine takes role of a dodger
for he flees hither and thither.
When he can no longer retreat
he, warning, stops  to stomp his feet.
Before his foe can strike
he turns into a ball of spikes.
His thorny hair could endanger
a hungry wolf or a fierce tiger.


Spider is pretty sly
with lurid web of guile
a hunt of elastic snare 
a glassy trap in the air;
Her fangs are tangible,
her onslaught looks horrible
with crafts of waiting still
She sets her silk for the kill


Tiger is mean and bold
his eyes stony and cold
with his streaks of valor
he decrees wildlife order;
His roar denotes his ground
hunger thunders his sound
He dwells as a creditor
others serve as born debtors


Turtle is humble and old.
Science say his blood is cold.
Sages know he lives a long life
for he can breath as he dives.
His entrails are sought by healers,
his shell by fortune-tellers.
He can travel a thousand miles,
polar magnet is his guide. 


Whale looms like a small distant hill--
 in fact, a big fish with no gills 
He holds his breath under water
rising to emit warm geyser.
a breadbasket of the sea
Whalers exploit him for free.
Melville sets a whale tale aflame
Moby Dick the" White Whale" is the name!


Woodpecker is territorial 
his tactic is especial.
He makes his beaks a hammer
tapping each tree trunk like a drummer 
to locate hollows in a tree
there, a hiding insect could be;
to declare his hunting ground
where no other birds are allowed.

The End


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