Naive love

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When the girl loved too much...

Try to not cry but it’s will know when you fall in love

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Love story

One girl met a boy who gave her a chance to prove herself and did not do a thing wrong again

She was really appreciated him so much and promised herself, she would be a better person, she would love him all her heart

6 months pass by not stay together, the boy had changed, he drank, went out a lot, not called, no texted her. But she still had hope, she hope when she could stay with him everything would change and either did he, he told the same

The girl worked so hard to go for him, day by day, month by month, cheer herself up and finally her dream came true

She could meet the boy again, so far from her country. The half year passed by, the boy said he wanted his life back. The girl was so boring for him and he could find another girl that accepted all of him because the girl asked him to adapt himself to the relationship

From sweetness to darkness, from sunrise to sunset. The girl started crying again. 

The boy said he never asked her to come and never force her to stay, she could leave, nothing would happen. If she wanted, he’d go to pay the ticket for her.

Her heart broke into pieces, it was not easy for her to stay in another country, spoke another language, had no friends to talk to. 2 days in the plane to come here, 10 months to work all documents. Empty 

Poor girl

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  1. วันที่ 24 มีนาคม 2562 / 04:08
    I think maybe I’ll go back to Thailand on 1st April

    I can feel and hear you dont need me here and I dont feel my value when you treat me

    Maybe it’s time to accept the fact that if you dont care and dont love me, I cannot do anything

    I used to think if I love and respect you, you will love me and respect me too

    Thank you to teach me, love is not enough for 2 person live together

    I can say I love you but also I can say you treat me like I’m not your girlfriend

    Now only you see my face and say you cannot eat anything, you see me and feel you’re better with your friends

    I can only let you do and me cry
    I turn around and no one besides me except Franky
    And you can see me cry and think I’m stupid

    Maybe I’m stupid to love you and put all my love to you so you can do whatever you want even you hurt me and you will not care