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ตอนที่ 5 : Humble yourself down

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Today, I was in a car repair all day. At first I thought they would act arrogant, arrogant, because of the work they thought they were comfortable with, but I was wrong. Said Stat was not stuck, he took the car for repair, and that was an incident of why we shouldn't look at some people outside, but we should be patient and not brag about what school you will be finishing. Parents, who are going to do any job? But if you are a boastful, arrogant, social person, no one will look at you to welcome you, and you will only elevate yourself, but not your heart. Right, lower your self, your dignity, no one knows who you are, but humanity is the same, we have the same dignity, we should not look at the position. Power, humble yourself down and you will be happy.



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