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ตอนที่ 4 : Friend isn't friend

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I was betrayed by my friends and never talked to me, and it made me feel very bad, and when I was doing things, they kept staring at me. I didn't want to be friends with them at all, but I didn't have any of my friends. That trust stopped talking to me because of other people's mouths, and he thought I was weird when I was alone, not playing with other people. I got the people I put in, and I had already prepared that they would betray me and abandon me because I was not good at school, the insult made my heart numb and my face so badly I would need a lot of rest. Days or years before it comes to life again, I can't open up to anyone who has come into my mind, and no one can get the knives stuck on my back because they are so proud. Good, not without kindness



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