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ตอนที่ 3 : Chocolate

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Since the start of school, I had no support at all, and I met a lot of people like me in the school, so I didn't feel very frustrated, but there were often people who didn't really like me, but that's fine. I don't have friends, but real friends. In my school it was people, nature, music and courage. I met a guy friend who I thought was good at first sight. I was very interested in him, but still didn't talk much. Well, every day, I try to stare at him when he doesn't see it, I know it would be nice if we got to know each other, I had a group work with him. And trying to control myself when I talk to him and try not to show it, I don't know what I do. I do homework at school holidays together, and I and he always text each other Monday through Friday, just asking about work. I feel more like myself than face-to-face, I try to adjust myself only, he keeps telling me my homework, even though my best friend doesn't tell me at all, and he always follows. He is always quick to express, but I can feel it, and today is the month I know more about it, so I'm going to give me some chocolate. The legs and opportunities came when I called him because I was off school, we met waiting for the car, and I was afraid to take it because I had to go through so many people that I would never walk by. But I did it, yes, I took the chocolate to him, he responded, thanked me, and I didn't act like walking back and forth until I saw him again and said goodbye to go home. Good and release something



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