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ตอนที่ 2 : Miss you when it rains

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I met him in the rain, the message rang. I'm so glad he sent me a message. I didn't think he'd sent me. We made new acquaintances. He's so far away from me. friendWe'd get to know each other intimately and he was a great guy, but I opened up to him like never before. Our story goes on. He made an appointment to call me on Wednesday. I went to school and At 4.20pm I was the one who called first, he was a little shocked and we exchanged each other's language, I communicated with him in English, he was able to talk and I felt great. I sat there in front of the notebook because it was my first time calling a foreigner.Our conversation was simple and ended in 10 minutes. I made an appointment for him this time, at the same time he said yes. I was so happy to have a conversation with him even though we had not even met. I just knew he had. Came to my country when he was young, he came with his family and relatives, I saw pictures and felt great that he had come to my country even though I never met.We talked at the time and I taught him the language and we taught each other the language of Jua Ng. It was fun and I was so happy that we talked and we stopped talking because of our parents. I came first, I looked at the view outside the glass, the sunlight was as beautiful as it had never been before, the world was beautiful, my thoughts began to change little by little, the day that I regretted the first time. So it happened, we had an appointment at the same time, I concentrated on studying in the room and looked at the time when my cellphone was on. He said that his brother Zhao was unable to talk, I said yes and hung up that night, made me think I was wrong or did he get angry with me? I came to school with a sad expression and didn't speak to anyone. It passed so late, the rainy evening made me think of him, should I text him and should I stop calling? I pondered until the rain stopped. I got an answer that I would never call. He again and I walked in the car quietly and didn't turn on the phone to see who's texting or the cradle I was holding on to make it through the night.
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