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ตอนที่ 1 : Boy orange hair

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Do you think true love will happen to us? I met myself, he was someone I didn't think I would have dreamed of, it must have happened to us and he was not named either. Cell phones only because we are so far apart. At first I dared and scared talking, but I decided to send a message. I saw him as the only man in that time, so I tried texting. Waving greetings, he sent me a reply within 4 hours, he asked to see my face, I had been looking for a long time before I could send it to me. So funny, but he said I was awesome, I laughed, he sent him a picture, it was a very good shape, it was just like his profile. He said he was not good at taking pictures, I said your hair is very unique, I like his hair orange and we couldn't chat for long because I had to go out and we got back to chat at night. Thinking that if he likes me it's just the idea of ​​a 15-year-old because we're just a kid now I have kept pictures of him until now.



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