ตอนที่ 9 : Love?

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The moment when you think, you are going to die because of you being with most terrible person in the world. Then it proves wrong. Why? The reason, that person bring you to the place that take your breath away. Like WOAH! OH. MY GOD. IS THIS REAL? That is the reaction when you see what in front of you. Just imagine what will be happen, when you are at the highest point of the city. Anyway, this was the same reaction when elmore saw the place that Niall brought him to. Well, if any human saw that place they would die at the spot because of a heart attack. Elmore did not die so, he was lucky. May be.

Firstly, Niall really brought him on a cliff. Elmore instantly feels scared because of his previous intitution of him being fall dead. With Niall who knew what was going to happen next. Being dead was also on the list. However, his intitution proved wrong when Niall dragged him to the bench.which was placed on the centre of the cliff. The cliff was decorated with beautiful lights and lamps. It was a sight to see. The most beautiful thing, the whole city could be seen from there. It was beautiful. Elmore stayed gaped when he saw this beautiful scenery. He admired the all view when Niall suddenly spoke up.

“You know today I check something incredible on internet. Wanna know what?” Niall asked while smirking. Elmore turned to him and scoffed. 

“No. I do not want to. Now shut up and let me admire this.” Elmore waved him off and again turned towards the city. 

“Oh come on, you will regret this later if you turned this down. I do not know when this will again happen so...” Niall trailed off and Elmore turned too looked at him confusingly. 

“What are you talking about?” He asked him on which Niall again smirked. 

“So you wanna know?” Elmore raised his eyebrow when niall turned him looked at sky. The sky was black with so many stars. But then suddenly 

“OH MY GOD” Elmore standup when he saw METEOR SHOWER.

It was beautiful! Like you could not express in words. The meteors were falling on the earth far away but they looked closer as if you could catch them but you could not. As if, it was a dream. This is probably the one scene that a person would like to see once in his lifetime. They would die for this. Elmore just stood there mouth gaped and wide eyes. He could not believe this if it was real. Am I dreaming? Oh my god. I am probably dreaming. He thought. After what felt like hour but only 20 minutes, later the meteor shower ended. He blinked and turned towards Niall in his still dazed state. Who was just sit there looking at Elmore all the time as if he was most beautiful thing in the world. Meteor shower was nothing for him. Elmore was the one who likes these types of things. 

“That was amazing. I mean WOW. x!!” Elmore sit beside him. Niall scooted closer to him but Elmore scooted away. Niall frowned and Elmore ignored him.

“Yeah it really was. After all, it was investment of billions. It has to be wonderful.” Niall replied which makes Elmore again shocked. What? He thought. 

“I dont understand? What do you...?” he asked him confusingly and Niall smirked. 

“You see it was not real. It was just projectrization. This was all a scene. This cliff is covered with 20 projectors, which is made for especially outdoor scenes like this. Which make the scene real as if you look into real scenery. You cannot difference between fake and real when this projectors are on. They made with high-tech devices. My company creates this and in the morning, they told me about completion. So I thought about showing you all this. What do you think?” Niall explained behind the scene. Therefore, Sterling inc.’s main work was technology and hitech. They had powerful impact on market with their teachnology. That made the most profits and stocks had high value. So off course the CEO of the company who was Niall Sterling was very rich person. For him spending some billions were nothing. After all, he was also the part of mafia. Do not think they are just Mafia Mans. They are powerful because of so many reasons. 

“It was wonderful. I mean...wait, why do you say I will regret this and do not know when this will again happen huh?” Elmore asked with raised eyebrow. Niall chuckled.

“Just to make you believe it’s real you know.” Elmore rolled his eyes but smiled softly. “And you are the first person who saw this besides staff.” 

“I am a lucky guy then. But seriously that was amazing” Elmore said after he got up and ran his hand through his hairs. He started walking back to the car. Niall followed him.

“So do you love me now Teddy Bear?” Niall smirked when he caught his wrist to face him. elmore scared for bit because of impact but then scoffed. 

“Nah the complete opposite.” Niall let go of his wrist but then slammed him to the car door. He grabbed his face and looked him in the eyes. 

“I know you do not hate me Elmore so do not pretend. It hurts a lot.” and with that he kissed him on the lips. Starts with innocent kiss but then turned into hungry one. Like all the emotions put into the kiss. Elmore shocked at first but then kissed back. He snaked his arms into Niall neck and hands into his blonde hairs. Niall press him further into the car door and bite him on the lower lip. Elmore gasped. This bought him back into his senses. He pushed Niall back. 

“I hate you Niall and it’s never gonna change.” Elmore snapped at him and opened the back door of the car. Niall shocked at this sudden behaviour. He hit the near tree branch, which draw blood from his hand. 

I will change your heart Teddy Bear. You will be mine no matter what. He Thought. 

Elmore watched him from the car window. He knew what he said was a lie but he could not just say he loves him too. He made a mistake once. You could not repeat the mistake again if you are not a fool. He did not even trust Niall. His words mostly. After all, he never said he loved me when I told him I love him. What changed him now? He thought. 


Heaven was clamly sitting on the windowsill of second floor. His feet were dangling outside as he watching the sunset. Actually, it was the calm before the storm but this was not sure if it was a storm or tornado. He was just calmly sitting there. Mostly sunsets calm the mind of people and make the mood cheerful. Like give meaning to their lives or something. Sunsets are the end of one chapter of the book of life and begining of the new chapter of the life. Who knows if this sunset was the new beginning of Heaven’s life? He did not know now but he will soon knows the meaning of his life in someones else life. 

“If you are thinking of jumping from the window then forget it. You are not allowed to jump from any high places. It’s not like you are going to die from there but still.” Sam was now standing beside him and watching him. His comment did not give any assurance to Heaven if he was concern about him or teasing him. He did not understand this boy really. 

“You are not ignoring me now?” He asked him quietly without looking at him. Sam leaned on window and looking down. 

“I could not ignore you. You are too cute for that angel. Nah ... you are too beautiful.” Sam replied while he still looking down and Heaven looked at him shocked. Sam never said directly that he was beautiful. He feels happy and his cheeks burned red. He turned his head again towards the sunset that was now covered into the clouds. 

“Then why do not you like me? I am beautiful right? You should like the person who is beautiful, isn’t you?” Heaven’s sudden question snapped Sam to look at him. His bold move made Sam shocked. 

“What are you talking about angel? From where this comes from now?” Sam asked and Heaven turned to him and wiping his tears that dared to fall on their own. 

“You know my aunt just left. She said, she going back to her hometown for personal reasons and did not know when she will be back. I know she was lying. She left me all alone and I didn’t stop her you know why?” Heaven’s beautiful eyes were showing sadness that could make any person upset. 

“Why?” Sam asked him.

“Because why stopping the person that do not want to be stay with you. Just let them go and I let her go.” Sam looked at him and thought why he does that? But it’s for the better. He answered himself. However, Heaven continued. 

“You know she told me that she will be here for me whenever I need her. Nevertheless, it was all lies. I feel like my life is all lies. As if nothing is true, Sam and I do not want to lie to you anymore. It’s not like you will answer me what I want to hear.” 

“Huh?” Sam looked at him confused. Heaven made The Sam Versailles speechless.

“Sam I really like you. This time I meant it. No lies or anything but I know you do not like me. You are not even gay.” Heaven was now full on crying. Wiping his tears furiously. He knows he was going to get another heartbreak but he still told him. “You himself told me you do not like anyone. This means including me, I know…. I am sorry Sam. I did not mean to like you but you could not stop your heart for falling for someone. This is so petty you know. You are powerful and richest person and I am weakling. Who cried every once in while. Why do not you like me? I understand and I am so sorry. I did not mean to Sam.” This was Heaven’s confession that clearly shocked mafia boss. Sam was a tiger caught in headlights by an angel. When this all happen Heaven was still sitting on the windowsill crying and Sam was froze at his same position. leaning on the window sill. Heaven was saying sorry for liking Sam? Is this even a confession or full apology letter for liking someone? Now it’s clear Heaven is an angel and beauty in beauty and beast.

There was a silence after that like for few minutes. Well not completely, silence because of Heaven’s crying noises. Poor baby. Suddenly Sam 

“I did not like you angel....” broke his heart completly. Heaven froze but covered it. He expected this. Nevertheless, it was now hard to accept it.

“I...Its...O... Ok. It’s really is.” He stood up from windowsill. Nearly falling but handled it. Outside was completely dark now. Heaven jumped inside and turned to ran away but Sam caught his wrist and pulled him back. 

“Let me go please. I heard what you said. Like I said I understand why do not you like me.” He looked into his eyes who were completly blank with no emotion. “Please do not give me any reason. It will hurt more.” 

“No reasons because there aint any but why do you like me? Don’t you scare of me that I am mafia boss?” Sam asked him and Heaven just looked at him confused. 

“Why I would be scared of you? You are nothing but nice to me and also you saved my life. Being you, mafia boss does not matter to me Sam. Well... when I first met you I was scared I admit it. But who would not be scare of you. You are all cold and intimidating that anyone could tell you are a powerful and dangerous person. Then you shown me a caring side that made me think you are not just ruthless mafia boss but a softy from inside. From that moment, I am starting to like you. I do not think you are that bad Sam.” Heaven made Sam shocked again with his innocent heart. Heaven saw what others did not saw. Well, Sam only showed his soft side to him. However, Heaven was the one who accepted him. Sam blinks. 

“If I tell you I killed your teacher then? If I tell you, I told your aunt to leave you alone for forever because I want you for myself? If I tell you, your aunt worked under me for money and safety? If I tell you, I am the cause behind everything that happened to you? That, I am a Psycho and a Devil. Do you still accept me and like me? It is not easy to like someone Heaven, if that person has so many flaws to fill. A person like me. And one thing more, Beauty is just an illusion. That sure make someone love you but never give you true love that comes with true self. The outer beauty will Tainted with time but that true beauty that is inside your heart never will. Your beauty does not matter to me anyway. It just gives me a more reason to protect you. Nothing else.” Heaven looked at him shocked when Sam reveals the truth. However, it had those truths who did not reveal to Heaven yet. 

“My answered would be I Don’t Care. First, that teacher deserved it. Not death but he still deserved it. Second, I would ask why? Third, it does not matter to me anymore. She leaves on her own choice. She always lies to me though. Fourth, you still protect me and take care of me.” Heaven walked closer to him and looked in his eyes with so much passion. “If you are a devil then I am willing to come in your hell. Because this world is too much for me, Mr. Devil. If you are a Psycho then I will be your Psychiatrist. Sam, If you had so many flaws then I will fill them up one by one. If I failed, then I will become Fallen Angel for you. You got your answer now and about beauty, Thank you for being different.” Heaven answered his every question in way that make a look of disbelief on Sam’s face. Heaven really amazed him. It got so cheesy, wasn’t it? However, it still was not over yet. 

“I want to show you something.” Sam grabbed his hand and Heaven again looked confused at him. Sam walked downstairs. He then turned to the hallway of his open room and opened his room door. Heaven just walked behind him like a lost puppy. He did not know what was going to happen. Sam came inside first and turned to the library door. His personal library. He typed his password for the door and the door opend. He then looked at the heaven who was watching him. 

“Come on.” Sam motioned for him to go first and Heaven obeyed him. He looked around the library wide eyes. Off course library piqued his interest for books. He walked over bookshelves. Sam walked behind him and closed the door. He once again grabbed his hand and pulled him deeper into the library. 

“Let’s see if you still like me after you watch this. More chances have been a no but i still hope that it is not a no angel.” Sam said as he turned him toward the glass door. The same glass door. Again, Sam motioned Heaven to go in first. Once again, he typed the password. Heaven walked in looked around the bare white walls. He raised his eyebrows at the Sam who on the three projectors. When light falls on white walls and Heaven turned towards them, Heaven’s breath hitched. It was like a heart attacking shocked to him. His eyes wide and mouth opened. His heart was beating so fast. Actually, a normal person could shock when they saw themselves in thousands of pictures on the walls in someone else house. If that house happens to be of mafia then it would be a dead shock. Heaven saw himself in thousands of pictures on the walls. HIS PHOTOS ALL AROUND! Wherever he looked, he saw himself in photos. The photos were of all types from portrait to black and white like an artist shown his creativity. The all pictures had shown his every emotion. Sadness, Tears, Laugh, loneliness, you name it. It looked like Sam reading his every emotion. The reason he could tell his emotions. The pictures were clicked of him from all the places wherever he went. Like he was followed. He could not believe this. He walked closer to the front wall. The photo he was looking at was 4 years old. Means when he was only 14. How this picture is here? He thought.

“I expect you do not hate me now. Well it’s not like you could get out of this.” Sam exclaimed and walked towards the sofa. he was standing entire time and watching heaven. he knew what reaction he would get but he hoped he proved wrong. 

“Wha...? How? I... ii.. i... don’t...u.. under... stand.” He stuttered. He was dumbstruck though.

“You still do not remember me? Let me tell you this we did not met first time 3 or something weeks ago. It definitely not. But I am shocked how you do not remember me.” There was silence for a sec. and again Sam said, “You know I have waited this moment from four years. FOUR xING YEARS. To meet you again and hold you. Just for this moment.” Heaven was clearly in a mind mess. He did not remember any incident where he met Sam Versailles. How could he forget him? He was Sam xing Versailles. You could not just forget him easily but Heaven did. 

“I do not... remember anything. I mean if we met four years ago then I will remember, Did not I?” Heaven asked and Sam scoffed and laughed humorlessly. 

“Off course you would remember if you were not shot. That shooting caused me misery for xing this long.” Sam said through his greeted teeth. It was as if he was replaying the memory in his head again. Heaven froze when he heard he was shot four years ago. But how? Suddenly Sam was in front of him. He did not even notice this. 

“What are you...?” Heaven asked him. 

“You know you did not change. Not a bit. It’s just you are now more beautiful but I like you better when you are….” Sam wrapped his arms around heaven waist. Heaven s breath hitched. Why Sam trailed off? What was he gonna say? “Nevertheless, beautiful is the only word that describes you better angel.” 

“What this means? One time you said you do not like me. Other time you said I am beautiful. You even have thousands of pictures of me like come on Sam MAKE IT CLEAR NOW. I AM GOING CRAZY.” This was sudden outburst of Heaven. Sam was just confusing him. But was n’t this was now clear? 

“What does it look like to you? I thought you were smart. Think it yourself angel a normal person never has someone’s picture if they do not...” 

“Like them.” Heaven completed. But Sam 

“Love them angel. Its love, not like.” Corrected him. It was as clear as a crystal now. Sam loves Heaven like a Psycho. It was not an attraction or anything. Nope. It was Love. Heaven froze. 

“Love? But.. I...” Heaven did not found words. Tears were starting to breaming in his eyes. It was miracle he did not cry until now. 

“It does not matter. You like me that’s all. Well... if you dont like me it still doesnt matter. You are mine though from a long time. And you know now how long?” Sam smirked which made Heaven heart jump. Was he a Masochist?

“You want to know something? Like everything from the start to the end. It will just help you to know how it starts and may be remember. This craziness.” Sam suddenly asked. 

“What?” Sam turned towards him and slammed him to the front wall. The projectors light fall on them. Sam touch him lightly on his cheeks when he spoke

“Not before I kiss you. Wait... angel is it your first kiss?” Sam asked him teasingly but Heaven looked at him as if he was crazy. Why he is asking me? 

“Even if it is I would not know it. I do not believe in anything anymore.” Sam smirked. Like he know something he dont know. Offcourse he knows the things that Heaven does not remember.

“Because I know it’s not!” Sam exclaimed and Heaven raised his brow.


“Let me remind me your first kiss angel.” Heaven before say anything Sam kissed him on the lips. Heaven shocked when realized he was the first kiss. Bloody hell!!! 





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