ตอนที่ 8 : One condition

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“What?” Sam shockingly asked. Well, he was beyond shocked. Heaven startled like he realize just now, what he said. He turned towards Sam and 

“I am... s... sorry. I did not mean that. It’s just... I am sorry.” With that, he ran away. It was second time in one day that he ran away from the situation. Sam just stared after him. He still did not process what happened just now. He did not mean that. What was that then? He thought. 

He suddenly feels angry. He could not just run away from him like that. After all, he was mafia boss. If you made confession, you could not just back off as if nothing happened. Not in the case of mafia boss. Nope. Heaven made a mistake of back off at the moment he confessed his feelings. Sam did not like that, not one bit. He stood up and went after him. Heaven wiped his eyes as he stopped at the backdoor of the Sam’s room, the one that opened to garden. He entered the room and sat at the edge of the bed. 

When he confessed his feelings, which he did not realize himself just at that moment; he was shocked too for what he said. He knew as he thought Sam would not like him back. The reasons were simple. First, he was a boy. A very beautiful one but that did not mean Sam would like him back. Second, Sam was not gay. Sam said that himself though. Third, as Sam said he did not love anyone. Which was in Heaven’s case it seemed impossible. Therefore, overall he had no chance. That was why he backed off when he realized it was just a fantasy for him. Sam would not like him and love was far away. As he thought about this, more tears came out of in his eyes. See, I am weak too and I thought he will like me. He never will. Heaven thought. 

The backdoor of the room opened as Sam came in the room. Calm and composed but still angry. He walked into the room and stand behind him with arms crossed. He waited for Heaven to spoke first but as he didn’t say anything, 

“What was that? Why did you run away?” Sam asked him sternly. This was the first time he talked to him like that and Heaven noticed it. 

“That was nothing. It was just...a mistake.” Heaven said in heavy tone. He did not want lie but he did not want him to know his true feelings too. It just did not mean anything. Nevertheless, it looks like Sam knows now. Heaven, If you did not want him to know then why did you say it?

“Mistake? You like me is a mistake. Therefore, you mean it like that. Well, why do you like me though? After all I am a mafia boss and that a dangerous one. Besides, I am not a good guy to start with.” When he heaven heard what Sam said, he quickly turned behind him. He was confused. However, Sam was already leave the room in a speed of lightening. He did not even notice it. He got up and ran to the front door of the room. Looking outside the room, he did not saw Sam and ran downstairs. There was no one. He looked around and then defeated sat on the living room couch. Sighed. He did not know this house very well to found someone.

What does he mean by that statement? Did he mean... nah that s not it. Then what does he mean? He thought. I have to ask him by myself. Can I? He shook his all thoughts away.

Sam was in his gym room. He was angry that would be understatement. He was rapidly shooting on the target. That was his one method of releasing the anger. About others methods Well. He was thinking about what Heaven told him. What was his answer after that? Mistake? It does not look like a mistake to me. But he still called this a mistake. He thought. It was just a misunderstanding between them. Was it? Or Sam was just overreacting over nothing. On the other hand, it was something? Who knew? Sam’s own feelings were unknown. That did not seem to understand by normal people. At one time, he called Heaven mine and at other, he said he did not love anyone. What this was mean? It was just a puzzle. That did not seem to solve.

Sam stopped his shooting and put the gun down but still in hand. He ran his hand through his hair in frustration. It looked like shooting did not help to control his anger. He walked over to the door and pulled it open. Coming out he went to his room. The room was empty as Heaven was downstairs. He then walked over to the locked door so he tapped the pin and opened it. Stepping inside, he closed the door again. It was just a library from outside. However, in deeper it was a paradise for Sam. He likes reading sure but he came here usually for something else. Something that nobody knows except some house cleaners, who accidently witness Sam’s biggest secret. Nevertheless, they could not tell anyone about the secret if they want to live. 

Sam went deeper in the library and pulled the glass door opened. Looking at the front, on the projector and stand in front of the wall where projector showed so many pictures. Like a wall length collage. Sam was crazy. He ran his hand on one picture and talked to himself like a crazy he was.

I hide you from the world so that I can you keep you for myself. I wait for you to come back to me but it was all ruined when my xing father stepped in our perfect picture. 

Downstairs Heaven was doing nothing but lied down on the couch. His half lion lazyass was sleeping on the floor. He did not to know what to do. It was not his house so could not just do anything and Sam was god knows where, according to him. Therefore, he was just simply bored. However, he was curious too about Sam’s answer. He wanted to know but he was scared too. When he was thinking of all the possibilities of what will go wrong the house’s doorbell rang. Heaven was startled. He looked upstairs if Sam would open the door, if he was even in the house. When he got his answer as no, he got up and walked to the door. Debating if he should open it or not. Well it was mafia boss’s house so he was safe as long as his enemies did not popped theirs guns out. He opened the door without any second thoughts and squealed like a child when he saw who was in front of him. 

“AUNT KIMI.” He totally forgets about her. 


Elmore was sitting at the poolside of his house. His feet’s were under the water. He was deep in his thoughts. Then someone sit beside him. His stepbrother means Niall Sterling. When Elmore saw him, he scooted away from him and gaze into the water. He was completely avoided him. He did not want talk to him either after that night. Niall was not angry now but he was not happy either. He knew that he would receive this reaction from him. Now, he would do anything for get his brother back. 

“Why are you avoiding me? I get it that you hate me but still you can talk me.” He asked his brother. However, Elmore only scoffed and laughed. 

“Talk to you after what you did to me? Come on Niall I am not crazy like you and I am going to be avoid you so you better stay away from me.” Elmore glared at him and turned away. Niall smirked. He had an evil idea.

“Hmm... then let’s see for how long you are going to avoid me Teddy Bear. I know you cannot go long from previous experience and I make sure you do not.” Elmore snapped and turned to him. His eyes were wide. Niall again smirked. 

“You can’t...” Elmore eyes were starts to glisten and he tried to get up but Niall grabbed his arm and pulled him down closer to him. Like only inches away. 

“I can and you know me very well that I can do that again, didn’t you?” Niall whispered. Elmore pushed him away and get up finally. 

“NO YOU CAN’T! I CANT LET THAT HAPPEN! NOT AGAIN!” Elmore yelled and ran inside but Niall caught him in the middle of living room and slammed him against the wall beside the TV. This time with full tight grip, that he could not push him away. 

“DO YOU THINK I AM KIDDING AROUND? I CAN DO ANYTHING TEDDY BEAR AND YOU CANNOT STOP ME LIKE BEFORE. DON’T MAKE ME DO THAT AGAIN.” Niall yelled at him back which scared Elmore. He was litterly crying now. He knew he could not stop him. Niall was much powerful and a Lucifer. This means if Sam was Satan then Niall was Lucifer. Two deadly kings. You cannot fight with them and wish to win. It was impossible in this world. Niall pushed him into the wall. One hand held him to the wall and other on his face. That goes down to his neck. Niall came closer and closer. 

“Niall...you... don’t ...again  ... please.” Elmore litterly begged and Niall smirked. He was waiting for this and he did not know Elmore would give in too early. He pulled away and kissed his cheek. Elmore flinched. 

“Then do not avoid me and you will do everything what I will say you to do, alright?” Elmore nodded his head. Niall then looked in his eyes. He only saw fear, which he caused, but he will do anything for that fear to go away. For Elmore to come back to him again, like before

“Come on, we are going somewhere.” Niall suddenly said. 

“But I do not want to go anywhere.” Elmore mumbled. Niall frowned and again pulled him closer. That made Elmore yelps. 

“What I said about you will do anything Teddy Bear? Do you forget that already?” Elmore squirmed and tried to push him away with no success. 

“No I do not. I am sorry Niall. Please.” Niall smiled darkly. He started to gain his control again and he was happy. Elmore, the teddy bear again in his trap.

“Let’s go.” Niall said and dragged Elmore with him towards the door. However, before he opened... 

“Where are you both going?” their mother came downstairs after everything happened like a police who always appear late when already everything happens. Anyway, she was a petite and elegant woman with a tight bun. She was of average height and beautiful in an average way. Nothing appealing about her. 

“None of your business.” Niall grumpily answered his stepmother and again dragged Elmore with him.

“Wait Niall. I was going to talk to you about something.” Alexandra sterling said with a soft smile. Fake soft smile.

“If this something is not important then we can talk later.” Niall ignored her but she again stopped him. 

“It is and it’s about your date with Mr. Jacob’s daughter. She asked about you meeting her today.” She said with that same fake smile. Elmore heart clenched when he heard what his mother said about date. He did not knew why he feel about this way after what happened but he still feel something he should not feel. Niall rolled his eyes and in his stern voice, he answered. 

“I am not meeting her. I don’t care about your setups Mrs. Sterling so you should stop all this because if you don’t then...” Alexandra huffed and turned around to go whose knows where but not before, she yelled.

“DONT DO THAT AGAIN WITH HIM. ONE TIME IS ENOUGH.” This was Alexandra Sterling. She knows everything but still she acted as if nothing happened. This woman was x for money. She only cared about money. Her only son going through pain and she was like its nothing. She left him in Denmark, all alone. Niall had a full control over her because she could do anything for money. If he demands Elmore she would gave him happily but he did not need to do that. He had his all control over Elmore. Elmore hate his mother for she did not care about him. Never had she care though. 

“I HATE YOU WOMEN. WISH YOU GO TO HELL!” Elmore shouted behind her, which she only replied with a light laugh. Niall looked backed at him, which made Elmore turned away from him. He did not want to show his broken side. That would only give Niall more reason to torture him. 

“I hate her too. She is a x from the start. If this is not for she is being your mother I will throw her...” 

“Just do that already. I do not care. ” With that, he turned towards the door and out. Niall stood there. Elmore was not like that. Hate, This word was not in the book of his vocabulary. He was happy go lucky kid. Not this cold hearted. He was changed. Niall did not like this Elmore but he still like him. Just because that person change and full of hatred, you cannot stop loving them. There is always a reason behind every change. You just have to accept the change. Anyway, Niall followed him and saw him standing beside his own car on the phone. 

“We are taking my car. Come here.” Niall called him and Elmore scurried towards him. Niall opened his Mercedes Benz’s doors. When they both sat inside, Elmore spoke up in rather quite voice. 

“Where are we going? Please do not push me off the cliff.” Elmore said in rather fearful voice because Niall would do that. He did this before. However, that was the different matter but again he was capable of doing this. Niall chuckled. 

“I am not going to. Relax and you will see where I am taking you when we reached there.” Elmore did not say anything after that. Niall started the car and raced through the gate of their Mansion. Elmore was not relax at all and how could he around Niall? The second most dangerous person after Sam Versailles? He was terrified.


Heaven was guilty because he forgot about his aunt. Then again, his aunt was not even at home. Where was she at that time? In addition, where was she all night? These were not the thoughts he thought. Nope. He was guilty over something, which was not even his fault. The reason, he was an angel with a purest of heart and he will never thought something wrong about anyone. The complete opposite of Sam. He always had thoughts about how to torture someone. From beating to throw in front of hungry dogs. These were just mere tortures. Sam Versailles had a long list. 

“Aunt how are you? Are you alright? Where were you all night? Sorry I did not contact you.” Heaven said this all in one breathe. Aunt Kimi followed Heaven to the living room and they both sat beside each other. She sighed. 

“No heave I am sorry for not there when you need me. I am sorry for leaving you alone. But thank god, you are safe. I have to thank Sam for this.” At that moment, they heard footsteps on the stairs. It was none other than Satan himself means Sam Versailles. He came up to them and sits on the opposite couch. Heaven stared him. 

“Where were you? I thought you aren’t in home.” Heaven asked in soft voice and Sam ignored his question that made Heaven again upset. Now Sam was ignoring him. Sam turned towards his aunt and raised his brows. 

“How are you Mr. Versailles? Thank you for taking care of Heave. You helped when no one was there. Thank you so much.” Aunt Kimi vowed as if she was in front of a king. Well Sam was a king. Sam simply smiled viciously. Then, he turned towards Heaven who was looking at his aunt incredulously. 

“Heaven leave us alone.” He ordered him, which made Heaven more upset. On top of that, he called him by his name, which he never used. He was the on the verge of crying. He leaves the room furiously. 

“Nice acting. I have to say. Why shouldn’t you pursue a career in acting? You would make a great actress.” Sam complemented her with also clapping on her acting abilities. Aunt Kimi only rolled her eyes at Sam’s humor. 

“I did what you told me to do Sam. Heaven is yours now according to our deal.” Aunt Kimi said in her businesslike tone. Sam stood up and started pacing around the room in slow strides. 

“He was always mine and you know that. Well it is about time now.” Sam smirked and aunt Kimi looked uncomfortable about something. 

“I have to lie to him like always?” She asked and Sam sighed. 

“Off course. He didn’t have to know about anything and if you told him before me then you are dead.” Sam threatened her and aunt Kimi nodded her head. Sam continued.

“Hmm... the deal. Well if I remember correctly, we have also talk about other thing. About....”

“Heaven’s parental information. I remember Sam but it is too risky for me. I told you this before and I am telling you again I cannot do this. Why don’t you use your own resources?” Aunt Kimi asked desperately as if she did not even want to talk about this. Sam rolled his eyes. 

“I can but you see I couldn’t get my access on this. This is most frustrating thing for me. I always get what I want and this time it’s make me more desperate.” Sam said in demanding tone. Aunt Kimi knows she had no choice but she could not risk her life too in the hands of the other part. Well, this goes both sides.

“I will try again but you have to promise me one thing.” Sam raised his eyebrow. 

“Why do I have to promise you? You worked under me. I did not owe you anything. Don’t forget who I am.” Sam sternly said. Aunt Kimi looked offended. 

“Well Sam I helped you when you wanted heaven, didn’t I? Now I want your help and you are backing out.” Aunt Kimi begged and Sam frowned. 

“Look your so called help caused me lot of money and you want my help? For what? Saving you from your own people. I passed but...” Sam trailed off and Aunt Kimi stood up. 

“But what boss? You can help me right?” Sam smirked. The devil had planned something else. 

“On one condition. If you do that then I will think about it.” Sam smiled in his devilish way and Kimi wiped her tears and spoke. 

“I will do anything boss. Just tell me what to do.” She desperately asked. 

“Go tell heaven you going abroad... and never coming back.” Aunt Kimi was stunned and looked at Sam wide eyes. Hmm?

“Where will Heaven live all alone? He is just 17 boss.” Sam looked at her confusingly. Is this woman stupid? He thought. 

“What do you think where? He will living with me obviously. Since from you started care about him huh?” Sam asked and she lowered her head. This was true she never cared about him. All she cared about her safety and luxury. However, in between that she actually started cared about him a little bit.

“Okay I will tell him but what about after that? He will freak out. Who will handle him then?” She asked. It was difficult to tell heaven that his life was all lie until now. That his beloved aunt was worked under the Sam, who was most powerful and dangerous mafia boss in the world just because he was the possession of him. Doesn’t this sound like a true beauty and beast story?  

“I will handle after that. You just do what I told you.” Sam ordered and aunt Kimi nodded her head. She was such a two timing woman and great actor, was not she? 

“Okay Boss. Please remember the deal about my safety.” aunt Kimi remind him and Sam again stood up. Started to walking out the door before

“If you do this perfectly I think I can do that and one thing more, don’t forget the previous deal, the main one. If you do then I will kill you myself. Mind that.” Sam Versailles, you are a true player and an evil human being. Satan in devil equals to SAVE YOUR LIFE!!








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