ตอนที่ 6 : Because I got Zero in Maths.

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It was like when you feel your world had stopped. You were frozen in your same position and did not know what would happen next. This situation was not the scene from a chick-flick where the two lovers first meet. No, this situation was from a horror movie in which you did not know from where the ghost popped up. However, there was no ghost. Still, you did not knew when you will killed or worst. This was the situation when the door of the bathroom burst opened. Heaven eyes wide with the fear and he clutched his puppy closer. Although there was darkness so he could not saw anything but he feel someone was there. Then there comes a voice

“Angel? Are you there?” After hearing the voice Heaven immediately stood up and put the puppy down before ran towards Sam and hugged him like litterly slammed in to him. In the darkness, he could not saw his face but knew where he was stood though. Sam was shocked but quickly come out and holds him tight. Heaven started crying in the crook of his neck. 

“Are you okay angel? Everything is fine now. I am here okay. Calm down.” Heaven stopped crying but still his tears falling down. Sam murderous aura was coming back after seeing heaven terrified and in tears. He eyes went black. Heaven pulled away from him but still tucking on his jacket. Sam wiped his tears then holds his hand. Sarang, who was left out but he quickly stand by Heaven’s side. 

“Can we go outside now? Don’t worry they are not going to do anything.” Sam asked. Heaven kept closer to Sam when he heard about go back to his room but he nodded his head. Sam walked back towards the door with heaven behind him. Sarang also trailed behind them. Nevertheless, before they entered

“Close your eyes.” Sam ordered which Heaven obeyed. He closed eyes and Sam covered him with his arm around him. Back into the room, the once beautiful room was now destroyed. Everything shattered like there was a war in the room. The dead bodies were on the ground. Blood was flowing from them. There were two men stood with guns in their hands. They nodded their heads when Sam signaled them something. This scene was not good for innocent eyes. That was why Sam told him to close his eyes. When they were walking towards the room door, Heaven tripped on the dead body. He gasped. Sam pulled him closed so that did not open his eyes accidently. When finally came out of the room, Sam lead him towards the front door. Pup was behind them. The whole house was destroyed like Heaven’s room. Everything out of place and glass shattered on the floor. It was as if a tornado came in to house. When they were out of the house, there were police cars and black cars. The neighbors called the police when they heard gunshots in the house. Sam pulled him in his car. He sat at the backseat with his puppy. He opened his eyes and looked around. The whole scene was like a big crime scene. It was a crime scene though and he was the victim. He saw two police officers approached them. Sam was outside the car and he could hear them talk. 

“You know what to do right? Clear this case as burglary or something. I didn’t want to hear the Versailles name.” Sam commanded them. The officers nodded their heads. Then one of them spoke

“Sir, we would make sure of that.” then, they both police go back to their cars. Sam then came around the car and sit in the back with him. The driver started the car and pulled from street towards the main road.

“So, how are you now angel?” Sam asked. He was looking at him carefully. Heaven turned towards him.

“I am fine.” Heaven quietly said but then his eyes begin to start to dropping. Sarang then jumped towards the front sit and lied down on it.

“That’s good...” Sam trailed off when Heaven fall asleep on his shoulder. All fear and terror exhausted him. Sam sighed and carefully put Heaven’s head on his lap so that he could sleep comfortably. He looked at his face and again mesmerized by him. You will be the death of me and I will be one behind it. He thought. Heaven snuggled closer to him. Even though they did not interact or talk over the week, one could tell that the other would do anything for his angel. His angel did not mind at all though.


Niall Sterling could not sleep. He waited for sleep to come but it never came. He was stressed. He did not know what to do with this certain someone. He was guilty and sad. He quickly stood up from his bed and walked to the door. He opened it and came out of the room. The house had no light except one, which was in the kitchen. He walked towards the other side of the hallway. The hallways were dark as the house and he kept walking. Once he was at the end, there were double doors. He walked towards them and opened it. He entered inside. The room had a very dim light but you can still see it. This room was big and modern. Like the room of rich people. Well they were rich. This house was not even house. It was a Mansion. Anyway, The king sized bed was on the other side of the room. The bedsides lamp was on. There was a figure sleeping on the bed. The light of lamp shone on the face of figure. Niall walked towards the bed and sit beside the figure. The figure was of a boy. A very cute boy. Niall reached his hand towards the boy’s face and touched his cheeks. The boy stirred in his sleep but did not wake up. Niall just stared at his sleeping face but after few minutes, the boy’s eyes snapped open. He looked around the room and then his eyes fell on Niall who stared at him confused. The boy quickly gets up and throws himself on Niall. Niall shocked at this sudden action. The boy hugged him tightly as if his life depends on it. Niall hold him tightly to himself. Is he had a nightmare? He thought. 

“It’s alright. Calm down. I am here Elmore. I am here.” Elmore calmed his breathing and hugged him tightly but after that, he quickly pulled away as if he remembered something. He wiped his tears and looked at Niall. Who was watching him with some emotion that could not tell. 

“What are you doing here? Please go.” Elmore said in a soft and quite voice. Niall’s face suddenly fell as if he was hurt or something. 

“I am sorry Teddy bear. Please forgive me. Please Elmore, I have resented myself every day. I know what I have done is wrong but please forgive me. I have missed you so much.” Niall pleaded. He was looking in some type of misery or more vulnerable. This Niall was broken inside not the Niall who looked tough and cold hearted. Elmore avoided his eyes or tried to but failed. He looked in some type of puzzle that he did not seem to solve. 

Elmore Sterling, a very cute and adorable boy of his age. He had light brown haired and a baby face with a lightly pale skin. However, most awesome feature was his eyes. Those were bottle green. His eyes also change color. If he was happy then they would remain same. However, if he was sad, nervous, scared, they would change it color into light forest green and also a little bit black. It mostly depends on its mood. Anyway, He was Danish from his mother’s side. He was 5’6 and a little bit childish if you came to know him. Over all he was cute little teddy bear. He was 19 though. So, do not take little part very seriously. Well, Elmore and Niall were stepbrothers. Elmore’s mother married Niall’s father when they were very young. It was just that they were meant to be brothers but there brother-hood was not go very well. 

“What you have done is simply cannot forgotten or forgiven Niall. I have gone through a lot. I cannot forgive you today or ever. Just go please. Leave me alone.” Elmore answered and then lied down again to other. Back towards Niall who look defeated. 

“Just remember nobody can love you more than me, Teddy bear.” Then Niall stood up and walked back to the door and get out of the room. The door closed behind him. Elmore eyes teared up. Hurt and hate both heaving his heart. The same words replying in his head again and again that he could not seem to forget.

You are a little piece of x. Nobody can ever love you. I hate you, Elmore.

Back in his room, Niall once vulnerable side turned into aggressive one. He was now angry then hurt. He took the side chair of his room and pulled it into his glass window along with flat screen TV. In just seconds, he destroyed his whole room. Release his anger and hurt through this. I have made the mistake once. I cannot make it twice. He thought. 


The loud bang somewhere in the house immediately woke up Heaven from his very comfortable slumber. These bang sounds were now making him annoyed. He adjusts his eyes so that he could saw properly. When he looked at his surroundings, he gasped. The room was opened room. Large, very large like half of the space of one middle class house. The walls were painted black and red. Then, he looked at floor and again gasped. The bed was floating! The bed was placed in the center of the room, bedsides lamps at each side of the bed. The most interesting fact was that bed was floating on water. It looks to the others that it was floating if one looks from far. Actually, the water was flowing inside the transparent glass. The lights illuminated the water that was flowing inside the floor. Heaven looked towards the large door that opened to the garden where tons of flowers were planted. Then his gaze fall on the large theater screen in the front and small library at the other side. Then he looked towards the swimming pool that at the end of the room. Red lights were falling on the water. This room was like a dream room of many people. It had everything in one place. 

Heaven starting to came out of his shock when the door of room banged open. He yelps at the intruder. This banging sounds. He thought. There stood a tall boy with ash colored hairs. His skin was less pale more like tanned. His eyes were brown with bit of green streaks. His height was probably 5’9. He looked older then Heaven. Probably 19. He was handsome though with that grinned on his face. He was looked like a punk because of his cloths that were colorful and shiny. Then, that boy spoke in his high-pitched voice.

“Oh I don’t know he have a guest in his house. That bastard did not even tell me. Wait.. you are beautiful. I mean WOW.” The boy looked at him with such intensity that made Heaven uncomfortable. He again grinned at Heaven and walking towards him. Heaven blinks at him. He did not like to talk with other people though. The boy stood in front of him now.

“Excuse me?” Heaven asked softly. He did not like this boy because he did not know him and at the same time, he was confused. However, he remembers last time he was with Sam when he nearly kidnapped if he was but yeah he was with Sam so, who is this boy is? He thought. The boy raised his brows at him.

“Oh never mind. I am joy and who are you? Don’t tell me you are Sam’s new boy toy?” Heaven again looked at him confused. Boy toy? What? Joy looked at his confused face and laughed. 

“It’s nothing. Actually, I love to ruin my brother’s reputation. I don’t even know if he is gay or not? But I really liked to piss him off.” Heaven just wanted Sam. This boy is so loud and he was Sam’s brother. However, I did not feel comfortable around him. Must be first meeting side effect. He thought. “So, who are you?” Joy again asked. 

“Heaven.” The door again bang opened. It was surprising that door did not broke down yet. This time it was Sam, with an annoyed look on his face. Heaven relaxed upon seeing him. Thank god. 

“What the hell are you doing here punk? You must not say something stupid. If you said I will cut off your credit card.” Sam threatened him on which joy rolled his eyes. Clearly ignored him. 

“Nice to meet you too bro. well whatever. I did not say something stupid. Just asked him if he is your new boy toy?” Joy shrugged as if it was nothing. Sam looked at Heaven that looked at their bickering confusingly. Sam again looked at joy with shocked face. 

“You asked what? You little x, why you asked him that. He is innocent little angel unlike you Emo. Stay away from him! Do not go near him! I don’t want you near him!” Sam warned on which joy looked at him confused. Why he is so protective over him? As if, he is a precious thing. Joy thought. 

“Why? Is he some precious thing that you want to protect? Wait... you are not gay. Are you?” Joy smirked at him with his hand on his hip. Sam scoffed and rolled his eyes.

“If I am why don’t you care? Moreover, you are my little brother. So act like that.” Sam completely ignored his last question and go over to Heaven who he was still sitting on bed. Witnessing latest sibling rivalry. Sam seated beside him. Joy looked at both of them. 

“I am not little anymore bro if you do not noticed yet and you can’t ignore my last question ever and don’t call me Emo.” Joy stomped his foot like child which Sam noticed. He scoffed. 

“Exactly you are not little anymore but your actions speak something else. Now get out of my room and please changed your cloths. You are going to color blind the people. Get out now.” Sam shooed him. Joy looked angry but then whined like a kid. He was really a kid. Joy then get out of the room and closed the door behind him. Heaven smiled at brothers. Sam then turned toward him and gave his full attention. 

“So what’s up? You like my room?” Sam asked. Smiled at him on which Heaven cheeks heat up. Oh god why he always blushed around him?

“I am good and this room is very ummm... pretty?” He answered more like questioned. He did not knew what the exact word would suite this big ass room. Sam chuckled at his answer. 

“Okay then, breakfast is in 20 min. Get ready. Whatever you need is already in bathroom.  And bathroom is the second door to the end.” Heaven nodded his head as Sam got up from bed. He glanced at him then walked towards door and walked out of the room. Heaven looked around once then got up. 

After 15 minutes later, he got ready. His cherry hairs were wet and falling in his eyes. He ran his hand through them. He was wearing a black hoodie with black ripped jeans. He got out of the little en-suite of bathroom. He opened the door. Outside of the room, he again gasped. The house was big like a mansion. However, it was not mansion. It was condominium. Sam was living alone in this big ass house. His mother and Joy live in their mansion. He did not want to live in that mansion for some reasons so he decided to live alone. Now it was four years of him living alone. Heaven walked towards the stairs. He looked around the condo. The condo was modern and elegant with black, white, and grey colors. These three colors were the favorite colors of Heaven. It was weird that Sam also liked these three colors. He walked towards the kitchen. In kitchen, joy was alone sitting on the dining table with phone in his hand. Heaven stood there hesitantly. He still did not like him though because he did not like people in particular. Sam was an exception. Duh. 

“What are you doing standing here? Come on sit.” Joy’s sudden loud voice came. Heaven turned towards dining table and sat on the other end. Far from joy, who was sitting on the other end. Both looked at each other but Heaven turned his face away. Joy noticed this. 

“You are a shy type, I see. So, how are you met Sam? As far as I know my brother, He is the jerk. Who looked at the other people, as they are peasant or dirt on the ground. How you talked to great and mighty Sam Versailles, huh?” Joy wondered this question. He was actually curious. Sam was really the way joy said. Therefore, how Sam acts around heaven make the others wondered. It was understandable. Heaven looked at his hands.

“We met on a street when I was going back home from school crying. It was an accident, I think. I don’t know.” Heaven answered. Joy raised his brows at him and sit-up on his chair. 

“You are in school? How old are you?” Joy asked. Heaven looked at him. Isn’t my age obvious from height? He thought.

“I am 17 and You?” Joy gasped at him. He is younger then both of us. He thought.

“Hmm. I am 19 but am I not more mature then Sam? He always teases me on everything” Joy rolled his eyes at last part. Heaven’s guess was right then about his age but joy being more matured then Sam? Oh my never. 

“But from where Sam popped up there when you were crying? He never comforts me when I was crying. However, he was the main reason of my crying. Wait... Why were you crying?” Up until then joy was muttering to himself but suddenly he asked the question that Heaven did not want to answer. He did not wanted to recite that same story again and again. 

“Because I got Zero in maths. Yeah, that’s why I was crying.” He nodded his head along with his answer. As if convincing himself that it was good enough lie.

“Huh?” Joy looked at him weirdly. Who cry over a mere maths test? He thought.

“Like I told you I don’t know. It was as if he was there already. If you want to know more you can ask him by yourself.” Heaven looked around. Where is Sam? He thought. Joy then leaves this topic there. He did not Sam to beating the bush behind him.

“Where is Sam? Is he went somewhere? But he told me to come for breakfast?” Heaven suddenly panicked. He did not like around other people so much. It takes some time for him to adjust. 

“He is on a call with someone I guess. He will join us, don’t worry.” Heaven nodded his head. Joy sighed and then again spoke.” You know it is shock for us to see Sam all soft and gentle with someone. He is not all of this with others. Not even with his family. But I think we last saw him like this 4 years ago.” 

“4 years ago?” Heaven asked. 

“Yeah. When he was with someone. May be in love. I do not know. However, it was a famous rumor in mafia world and in school. But I think he still do whomever he love.” Joy then looked at Heaven and thought, If Sam treated him like some precious jewel then- “Is you two are together?” Heaven did not hear his question and his eyes were starting to get glossy. He quickly got up and ran out of kitchen. Tears were brimming in his eyes.

Sam loves someone. He thought.




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