ตอนที่ 5 : The reaction of normal person!

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    17 ธ.ค. 63

 They both stood beside the bed looking at small women who was lying on the Heaven‘s bed. Aunt Kimi’s face was pale. Like, she had seen a ghost. Heaven looked tense. Sam sighed. He did not know before, that just his name could faint a person. He feel powerful but then again He did not want to make Heaven upset just because the victim was his aunt. 

“Is she dead?” Heaven squeaked. Tears were pooling in his eyes. 

“No she is not. She just fainted.” Sam answered. He wants to glare at her for making him upset. Weak women. He thought. 

“But she did not wake up. It’s half an hour now.” Heaven looked at his bedside clock for time. It was now afternoon. Sam again sighed. He was not very much happy. 

She better be dead then. He muttered so that Heaven could not hear him. How Evil Sam! He did not care about his aunt. Not that he ever cared about anyone. However, his wish was not fulfill when Aunt Kimi’s eyes fluttered open. She looked around then looks at Heaven who immediately sat beside her on the bed. 

“Aunt, are you okay?” He asked. She nodded her head. 

“Yeah, I am fine heave. Don’t worry.” She then looked at Sam who looked straight at her. She immediately diverts her eyes. Fear could clearly see in her eyes. However, why was she scared? 

“How do you faint Aunt? Are you sick?” Heaven was worried about his aunt. He cared for her so much. Why would not he though? She was the only family he had. If something happens to her, what I am going to do? He thought. I cannot live alone for my whole life.

“I am okay Heave. Just tired and it is nothing serious. Believes me.” Aunt Kimi answered. Heaven nodded his head. He believed her lie. She was not okay at all. She was terrified but her acting could make anyone fool. Mostly Heaven.

“Heave, can you please leave us alone? I wanted to talk to him about something.” Aunt Kimi asked. 

“Okay” He got up and walked over to the door then looked at Sam who was completely uninterested in this whole situation. Heave sighed and got out of the door. Closed the door behind him. What is she wanted to talk to him? He thought. Aunt Kimi suddenly spoke but with fear. 

“I know who you are. You are the boss of powerful mafia in the world.” Sam looked up at her. Surprised. I thought she was scared of me. He thought.

“You know? I am glad that you know who I am. Then angel was the only one who did not know about me huh?” Sam shook his head after thought about Heaven being oblivious. Aunt Kimi was shocked.

“Heave knew? What was his reaction?” She asked with wide eyes. Sam raised his brows at her question. How did she know whom Sam called angel? Aunt Kimi, what are you hiding?

“The reaction of normal person! Scared and terrified but he is okay now. Why are asking me this though?” Sam asked. Aunt Kimi lowers her gaze. 

“Heaven is so innocent and beautiful for his own good Sam. His beauty and innocence attract the wrong people toward him, which he is not aware of. Like I told you he is too innocent and its very dangerous for him...His life is in danger Sam.” Aunt Kimi told him. Sam was confused. He did not understand what aunt kimi said. Heaven was in danger. How? 

“What do you mean He is in danger? I have checked everything about him. So, how he is in danger?” Sam asked. His voice suddenly rose. He could feel his anger. 

“Sam you didn’t know everything about Heaven did you? Something is missing. Like his parents information. I know but I cannot tell anything. I do not have permission. So, you have to found everything about yourself but I can only tell you that he is in danger. From whom? I don’t know.” Sam was frustrated and angry. He wanted to kill someone. If something happen to him? No, I cannot let that happen. He though.

“You said you need permission. Whom do you need permission from?” Sam asked. Aunt Kimi‘s scared eyes wandering across the room. 

“I can‘t tell you about this. Please.” Sam looked at her eyes. She was terrified but not because of Sam this time. Something was really up. Sam thought. 

“You can‘t huh? I see but I will found out about it and when I found who want to harm my angel I will kill them” Sam growled and his eyes murderous. Satan is back. Aunt Kimi shivered. It was look like she would faint again anytime soon. 

Sam walked towards the door and opened it but before he walked out Aunt Kimi‘s scared voice spoke 

“Protect him, please.” Sam then closed the door behind him and walked towards stairs. 

When he came in living room, he saw Heaven playing with the half lion puppy that finally woke up. Laughing and tickling him. He is really innocent and beautiful for his own good Sam thought. I have to protect him from this unknown harm. I can let anything happen to him. He is mine, angel. Sam was in thoughts so much that he did not heard Heaven when he called him. Heaven came towards him and waving his hand in front of his eyes. 

“Sam, are you there?” Heaven asked. 

“I have to go now...” Sam said suddenly on which Heaven face fall down. He seems upset. 

“Uhh... Yeah... Okay.” Sam pulled Heaven towards him and holds tightly. As if, someone took him away from him. If someone would dared though. Heaven blushed and hugged him back which he never did before, according to him. When Sam pulled away looked in his eyes and brushed his cherry hair. Heaven nervously looked down. Cute. Sam thought. Sam then started to walk towards the door when Heaven ran to him. 

“When are we going to meet next?” He asked hesitantly. He didn’t sure, why he asked? It just came in to his mind. 

“I do not know but soon. Take care okay. Wait….Can you give me a pen?” Sam suddenly asked for this. Heaven nodded his. He pulled out a pen from the living room cabinet drawer and walked back to Sam. He gave the pen to Sam. Why did he need a pen suddenly? Then he grabbed Heaven’s hand. He turned his hand and opened his palm. He started writing on his hand. After he done he said, “You have a complete access. Do not worry about time. And your hand is very soft as always.” With that, he walked out of the door. Heaven looked at the door. He then walked back to the couch and sit beside his puppy. He opened his palm and looked at Sam’s number with heart emoji attached. He smiled but he was sad too because he could not get to spend much time with him. He pouts at his thoughts.

Sam got out of the house and walk towards his car, which he parked near his house. He opened his car door and got in. The sleek black BMW attract lot of the attention of the passers and they annoyed Sam. Being rich had also its perks and he did not need them right now. He was already very angry. Sam in frustration hit his hand on steering wheel. I want to kill someone. May be that boiled potato of woman who is glaring at me right now? xing Fatass. Sam thought. Yeah a fat woman who was in her late 40’s or something glaring at him as if he killed her dog. That annoyed Sam more so he started his car and pulled out of the street. He race through the road when he out the clover street. No traffic police stop him for his more than average speed. Come on, he was the powerful man so it was logical he had the all the police and government in his hand. Wasn’t it? Boss that is what is the name of power. 

When he reached his office building a very large in whole country THE VERSAILLES EMPIRE, he parked his car outside the building and got out. He gave his car keys to the chuffer who immediately caught them. The all employees and workers lowers their heads and greet him when he passed by them. Besides mafia, Sam also handled the Versailles other businesses as the CEO of the company. This company was indeed large and famous. They have their hands in everything that labeled as business. He was still young his roots in the business were powerful. He got in private elevator which only for him and pressed the highest number. His office was on the last floor. The Versailles Empire building had the 30th floors means he was on the 30th floor. The elevator dinged, singled that he was on his floor. He walked to his office and opened the double doors. The office was large obviously. Mahogany wooden office desk was in front of the large window that overlooks the whole city. It was very beautiful view for those who like sightseeing but Sam did not give a x about sightseeing. He only like to see the city because he feels, he was the king who ruled the world. Anyway, he walked to couch who were placed in middle of the room and in front of the desk. The office was modern in design. He sat on the couch and pulled out his phone. He dialed Niall number and waited for him to pick up very impatiently. He was an impatient person too. When finally Niall picked...

“WHERE THE x ARE YOU? COME HERE RIGHT AWAY!” He yelled and hanged up. He was still frustrated and angry. He did not know what to do and how he would protect his angel. He did not know why he was so worked up. Still it was about his angel and nobody could touch or hurt him except him. He had the right to do. Yes, he is only mine. He thought. 

After 30 min. later, his room door opened and in came Niall sterling. Looking bored as usual. He was wearing a navy blue suit and looked hot as always. He walked towards the couch and sat opposite of Sam. He rolled as eyes at him. 

“Finally you are here. Where were you that took long enough?” Sam asked and stood up. Walking towards his wine office bar and then opened the bottle of wine. 

“Someone decided to ditch the meeting today so, I have to handle that by myself. Did you even remember what meeting we had today?” Niall raised his eyebrow at him, which Sam ignored. 

“I remembered and I also know you could handle that without me. So I ditched. Want some?” Sam shrugged. He chugged the glass in one go and offered it to Niall.

“I don’t drink in the afternoon, unlike someone. So, where did you go in the morning?” Niall asked. Sam took his glass again sat the couch beside Niall. 

“I went to Heaven’s house. That’s also why I called you here?” Sam said and Niall turned to him. 

“Why? What’s the problem?” Niall asked. Sam put his glass down so that it did not break. His anger was rushing back to him. 

“Heaven is in danger. I do not know who is after him but I have to find out before he gets hurt. If something happens to him, I do not what I will do.” If someone saw the look in Sam eyes now they would be dead because of fear. Sam was completely giving a competition to Satan. However, Niall did not faze one bit. He just sat there. 

“How do you know he is in danger? I had already deleted his files and everything. ” Niall asked. His mind was racing. 

“I know. However, we did not know everything about him. His aunt is the one who told me. She knows something but she did not tell me though. That is what you have to do now. Find that missing information.” Sam fist clenched. Niall nodded his head. 

“The parental one but that’s where the problem is. Heaven‘s database is very private. Why did not you pressure his aunt? She would eventually give in.” Sam sighed and stood up. His hand was running in his hairs. Therefore, Angel is the mystery huh? Then I am willing to solve it. Sam thought.

“I don’t. She is Heaven’s aunt and if I used my violent tactics on her it will only scared Heaven more. I don’t want to scare him.” Sam replied. Niall looked at him shocked that he cleared from his face as soon as it appeared. He cared about the boy. He never cared about anyone. Niall thought that Sam only want Heaven for played around with him when he first asked for information. This proved wrong in the end. 

“Why she told you about Heaven is in danger? Should not she tell this to the police? I think there is something hides big behind all this.” Niall said. Sam nodded his head. 

“Yes there is. She actually recognized me and told me to protect the Heaven. He is in a deep x, isn’t he?” Sam closed his eyes and take long breath. 

“Hmm. Then you should keep an eye on him. Like place your bodyguards around the house. We will find people who are behind this and finish them.” Niall said. 

“We will. Each and Everyone.” Sam ended it. Then there was silence for a minute or two. Both of them in their own thoughts. Suddenly Niall spoke up. His voice was quite. 

“Sam, he is back.” Sam turned towards him, confused.

“Who?” He raised his brow. Niall still looking downwards then Sam understand whom he was talking about. 

“Elmore.” Niall nodded his head. Sam walks towards him and again sits beside him. 

“When he returned? Isn’t he was coming next week?” Sam asked. Niall then looked at his hands. Eyes held an emotion but then it was gone. 

“He came back yesterday. I saw him this morning. I do not know why he came back early. Sam, he did not even look at me. He hates me.” Niall’s voice even becomes more quite like he was in some pain. The usually cold eyes become glossy. Sam just patted his shoulder as a comfort. Then again silence.



It was after week in the midnight. Heaven was peacefully sleeping. His beautiful face was resting on the pillow and Sarang was curled behind him. Sarang was a powerful breed of a dog but this puppy was a lazyass who sleeped through the all day. However, Heaven loved this dog so much that’s why he was spoiling his puppy. Suddenly there was a loud bang in the house. Both him and his half lion startled and stood up. His heart was beating very fast. Eyes wide and shock was clearly seen on his face. He looked at his puppy that hides behind him. Scared kitten of a puppy. Who is in the house? I am scared. He thought. Nobody was in the house except Heaven and his beloved puppy. His Aunt was gone since in evening for an ‘urgent’ meeting. She had not back yet. Heaven was concerned about her health since she was fainted. She told him, she was fine and all. Heaven did not believe first but then agreed. She was in a rush though. He did not know what Sam and his aunt talked about and he did not asked both of them. why? Because he did not know how to ask. However, it was not like they would tell him anything.

Anyway, there was a sound of footsteps in the house. Heaven panicked. He stood up from his bed and started to walk towards the door of his room, which was not locked. Anyone could barge in to his room. Stupid boy. He opened his door slowly and looked outside in the hallway. There was no one. He slowly came out of his room and looked at the stairs where two black hooded figures stood. They had their backs so; they did not see Heaven behind them. Heaven panicked and quickly walked back to his room. Locked his door and leaned on it. In panicked, he was not think straight. He was so scared. Who are they? Burglars? He thought. What would I do now? God please help me. 

He was going to have a panic attack if he did not do anything. The two black hooded figures came outside his room door and tried to open it. Heaven jumped at the push on the door. He quickly goes over to his bed. He saw his phone and opened it. Someone spoke outside. 

“I think someone is there. That’s why this door is locked.” The other one laughed. 

“Boss said the boy is in the house. This means he is inside. I heard he is so beautiful.” The second one said. He again laughed. 

“We can’t touch him though. Boss will kill us if do something against the orders.” The first one said. 

“Let’s see after we capture him and I don’t mind to try something.” The second one said. 

After hearing their conversation, he now knew that he was completely in danger. They will do something to him. He fiddled with his phone when they again push the door. He took Sarang from bed and go in to his bathroom. He locked the door and hide in the corner. The bathroom was dark and Heaven did not like darkness. It even made him more scared. Sarang being the quite puppy did not make one sound. Heaven quickly dialed his aunt’s number and it ringing and ringing. He again dialed but then again it was just ringing. Heaven then heard his room door opened. His tears falling down on his cheeks. Then again, voices came. They were not only two. There were more footsteps now in the bedroom. He again dialed the number that was next and it ring for only two sec. and then 

“Yes angel?” Sam’s voice came and Heaven started full on crying. 

“Sam... help... please.. help... there a...are ...people...please.. help.” His breathe was shaky and heart was beating rapidly. Then there were gunshots outside. Heaven clutched his phone close and looked at but it was dead. How fantastic. It was always like this. When we need something very urgently, they would always get dead or kept missing. This is life. Anyhow, He heard more gunshots but then he curled himself in to a ball. Listening to his heart beat. What is happening outside? Is anyone is going to help me? He thought. The puppy was also hiding in to him. Both scared and alone. The darkness surround around them. He tuned out what was happening outside. Closing his eyes, he waited for someone to save him. Then the bathroom door banged open. Heaven froze. 







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