ตอนที่ 4 : Who is psychiatrist?

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Morning light falls down on the pavement and birds chirped happily far away in some park. The whole street was in chaos as people rushing for their works. Unknown to that the biggest mafia boss standing in the doorway of a small house whose owner froze in his place. Still looking like a deer caught in a headlight or best deer become the prey of a tiger. Sam looked amused at him. He already expected this reaction. He wanted to meet him from three days and finally he decided to do this. He even woke up early for this. The fact he never woke up early. Only in Emergencies, like this. If this even count as emergency.

 Heaven finally blinked his eyes and shook his head. Getting his grip together, He cleared his throat to speak in hoarse voice

“Hey, what are you doing here? How do you know my address?” He was shocked to see him but also scared. Well, who would not? If you would see the stranger, you just met on the street and now he was standing on your doorstep litterly in the early morning.

“No Hello or Good morning Angel. This is very bad of you.” Sam smirked and pushed himself from the door and inside the house. Heaven just stood there not knowing what to do. 

“Hey, you didn’t answer me. How do you know my address?” He again asked and followed him inside the house. Sam stood in their living room and looked back at him. 

“If you didn’t already know then I am the one who gave you the puppy so this means I found out about your address to deliver that puppy who is sleeping on your couch and about what I am doing here, I just wanted to meet you and see you. Happy now.” at the end Sam winked. Heaven‘s cheeks turned red and He hide them with his hands. He did not want Sam to see his blushed cheeks.

“Why do you want to meet me?” He asked slowly. Sam turned towards the couch and sat down like owns the house besides the dog who looked dead. However, He did not wake up on noises or anything. Lazyass.

“Just want to hang out.” Sam shrugged. Like its normal to barge in someone’s house and asks them out. Well, He was Sam Versailles. If this even asking as someone out. Heaven again blushed. 

What happens to my cheeks? He thought. He remembers he had to answer now. 

“I have school and I am already getting late for my first class. The teacher will give me detention if I am late for class and why are you want to hangout out with me? We just met like 3 days ago for the first time. So…” First, He did not care about his school. He just lies. Second, He really wants to hangout and last if he should really hangout? He was just scared now of Sam‘s antics. Well, Sam acted like stalker though.  

“Don’t worry your teacher is rotting in hell now and your school doesn’t care about you attend or not as long as I said so. Answering your question, I just want to. If you do not want then I can go. No big deal. ” Sam just had to do one thing to take control over something. Use his name. That was what he did for taking over Heaven‘s school. Therefore, they have to listen to him and follow his instructions. Well, Heaven already hated his school. It was a win-win situation for them.

“NO! I do not want you to go. It is just… Can I trust you?” Heaven asked him what he wanted to ask. It was an important question there though. You could not just trust someone.

“It’s up to you. If you want to then you can experiment. See if you can trust me. What do you think?” Sam asked as he hopefully looking at him.

“Okay.” Heaven answered. At least I should try once. Who knows if I get to close to him? He thought. Sam grinned after hearing the approval words.

“Perfect, let’s hang out in your room.” Heaven froze after hearing the word room. He panicked. 

“Why my room? We could hang out in living room with sarang or we could go anywhere.” He said quietly. Sam looked at him amused, knowing fully well the Angel was scared. 

“First question First, I want to see your room and second, the living room didn’t look like a hangout place for me and last, who the hell is Sarang?” Heaven tensed at his swearing because He did not like swearing. However, when he got very angry which was a rare occurrence then no one beat him in swearing. Sam raised his eyebrows and huffed with pout. Heaven cooed at him in his head because SAM LOOKS SO CUTE! He thought but then other thought crossed his mind. Wait... is he jealous? Over... 

“Sarang is a puppy?” He answered which ended up question. Sam looked over at puppy, the dead puppy who was still sleeping then glared at him. Heaven looked at the glaring Sam. He did not understand why he jealous of a puppy who he himself gave him. Then Sam again grabbed his hand started climbing the stairs. Heaven followed and then he thought 

 “What do you mean by teacher rotting in hell? Moreover, why can’t you go anywhere? ” he asked him very carefully. 

“I will tell you everything.” Sam said then opened the door to his room. Heaven shocked. How he knew? He thought. Sam really proved his creepiness. 

He walked inside the room, which was not big. Simple small room with single bed in middle and books scattered around it. Guitar was on study table with laptop, which was at the corner of room. Walls were painted white and grey and fairy lights on the curtains, which are white. Dressing drawer was at the other side of the room with an attached bathroom. Flat screen TV on front wall with lots of novels and books racks around it. Overall, it was simple but beautiful room. Sam looked back at heaven that stood there quietly. 

“Beautiful room… like you.” Sam commented and Heaven cheeks painted red. It was a just compliment so why blushed? He thought. He always received these type of compliments so why he strongly react on Sam‘s words. It feels different around him.

 Sam walked inside and sits on bed. His room smells like him. Sam liked this, the strong fragrance of roses. He exactly smelled like roses. The smell he loved most. Heaven watched him from the door. He did not know why but feel happy to have someone in his room. It had been long time when someone came in his room. Like ever. He did not have friend or anything so...

“You know this is your room so you can come inside right?” Sam spoke suddenly beside him made heaven jumped. Heaven come inside and they both sat on the bed. Heaven feel uncomfortable. Sam looked around the room to found something they could play with. 

“So are you going to tell me anything? I mean... I am just…” Heaven looked down because he feels shy and scared of Sam at the same time. Sam looked at Heaven. It was the right time to tell him who he was. 

Therefore, He lifts his leather jacket away. He was in casuals. Which was his black leather jacket with white tee underneath. Paired with ripped black jeans and black boots. To give look a final he had white bandana. He was a complete hottie. When lifts his jacket away, He pulled  his gun out and put it in front of Heaven whose eyes go wide with shocked after he saw gun in front of him. He quickly stood up. He thought Sam was going to shoot him. Heaven was damn scared. That is why never gave access to someone whom you did not knew completely in to your house. Heaven never thought about Sam being complete stranger. However, Sam was not a stranger he was more them that. Sam watched him with no emotions. He was just stared at his reaction. Then he spoke 

“What did you think about mafia?” Heaven still in shocked looked at him confused. 

“What... about them? He asked. Nervous and anxious. Why he feel dreadful now as if he knew what Sam was going to say? Sam stood up from bed and walked over to heaven that backed away, when Sam stood in front of him. Grabbed him from his waist which heaven tried to protest but fails when Sam tighten his grip and pulled him close to him and speak in his ear with low tone. 

“I am the boss of VERSAILLES MAFIA angel, the most powerful and dangerous mafia in the world. I know you never heard of this before. Innocent angel like you better be stay from this world but I can’t let you go though.” Heaven shivered in his hold and whole mind become hazy. He did not know what to feel or do. Nevertheless, one question he wants to ask 

“Why you can’t let me go? I don’t even know you.” he asked very slowly. He didn’t want offend Sam. now he? After he knew, Sam was the mafia boss. Sam looked at the most beautiful deep blue eyes and answer in most dangerous tone. 

“Because you are mine.” Heaven gasps. Sam pulled away from him and went back to bed. Took his gun, he twirled in his hand like a toy. 

Heaven stood their processing the words. To say he was scared and panicked then it was the understatement of the year. He was feeling everything that starts from fear and end up at crying. His beautiful orbs now glistening with tears and Sam noticed it. He again got up and came to him. 

“Hey why are you crying angel? Do not cry. Stop please.” Sam tried to comfort him but failed when heaven cried more. He was mafia boss. Obviously he did not know how comfort someone when he was the cause of the tears of most people. However, this, it was someone he hate to saw in tears. Because he valued him and Sam never said please. Is this was first?

“Y... you s... ss... scared m...me a...a. and h. how I...ii. Am ...yours?” Heaven asked and stuttered because of his anxious. Sam lift his chin up looked at his now glistening eyes. He just loved his eyes. 

“I am sorry if I made you scared. I did not mean to. It is just I don’t want you to leave me after you know who I am and about you being mine? It’s the same reason and I can’t let you go now angel and if you leave me I will destroyed everything.” Sam growled. More like threaten him. Heaven should feel scared. It was not even proposal or anything. It was a simple claim. However, why heaven feel butterfly in his stomach like a teenage girl. He was teenager but he was no girl. So, he feels happy. Why? 

“I... ii wont.” heaven answered out of fear of Sam s craziness. He was weak little innocent baby. He could not do anything against him. Nor did he want. Sam smirked and pulled him to his chest for a hug. Very possessive one. Heaven blushed. 

“Good. Now you will do what I am tell you to do. If you act against me, I will punish you. Okay?” heaven feel scared at the punish part. What he means? He pulled away with very much difficulty and asked.

“What do mean by punishment?” Sam smirked and answered. 

“You will see angel. So, you said you do not know me, right? Now we will get know each other.” Sam finished and smiled at him. Sam wanted some questions answer he does not know. It was good chance for him. Heaven just stared at him. Nodded his head as yes, they both sat on bed facing each other. 

“So I asked first question. Why you dye your hair in cherry color?” Sam asked. He was curious for this one. He want asked him but then ignore it. Heaven looked at his hands and answered

“The students in my school always talk about my white hairs. They would say it’s beautiful and all and tried to talk to me but only for so they can touch me. So, I changed my hair color.” Heaven sighed. Still looking down. 

“Angel, do you like it when I call you beautiful or touch you?” Sam asked suddenly which made heaven looked at him. He thought about the answer. Did he like it? He never flinched only first time but now. No, he did not. So this means 

“I don’t know. Really. But I like talking to you. Even though we only met one time but you are not like others who just tried to touch me.” Heaven replied. Looking towards Sam, who just stares at him. He did not expect this answer. He really did not. He thought heaven would say no. However, Heaven surprised him.

“One line, YOU BELONG TO ME ANGEL. I can touch you anytime I want. So, be prepared. ” This time heaven was surprised at the answer. He still did not know what to feel. However, he feels something. 

“Can I ask you question?” Heaven asked. He was fiddling with his fingers because of nervousness.

“Asked away.” Sam said. 

“Why you choose to become mafia boss? It’s all killing and bad things.” Sam actually thought about answer. Why he choose? 

“Because I want to. I always wanted to take over mafia after my father. I was the heir so it is just simply come under my control. Angel, I like power and control. If someone tried to take my control or you, I will just kill them without mercy.” Sam answered simply. As if, he did not just make a threat. Heaven breathed deeply and tried to calm down himself. Sam’s deep voice again scared him. Sam grabbed heaven‘s hand and started playing with his fingers. Heaven watched him closely. Thought Sam did not look dangerous. He looked calm and playful. Like a kid. Am I starting to like him now? I should fear him, am not I? 

“Sam, why do you call me angel? You can call me Heaven or Heave. I know I am beautiful that I don’t like because it’s always attract problems but why do you call me angel?” Heaven really did want to know why Sam thought he was the angel besides his beauty. 

“You have to wait for the answer of this question because I don’t have the answer you want to know this time but angel, you are really an angel, and I am only going to call you angel.” Sam answered the unanswered question. He wanted to know the answered first. Heaven looked at their hands only.

“Okay a quick question then we will end this for today, okay? Because I started to feel like a psycho, who is being treated by his psychiatrist and you don’t want to know much a psycho I am.” Sam sighed on which heaven laughed. Sam was crazy. He even called himself psycho. 

“Who is psychiatrist?” Heaven smirked. He did not know where this confident came from. Because he started, feel comfortable.

“Now my kitten started to feel bold huh.” Sam raised his brows. He liked this side though. Heaven blushed. He cheeks turned red. He feels embarrassed. Sam chuckled at his frustration. 

“Back on question. Are you scared of me because I am boss of mafia? If you are angel then I don’t care because you have to deal with this.” Sam deep voice asked or more like command. He wants heaven. He did not care about anything as long as heaven with him. Everything was good. Heaven obeyed him fearfully. 

“I will.” Heaven know he was in deep x but he did not say no to Sam. He could only obey him because Sam was you all knew next. 

“Okay so what we do now? We could...that’s it. We are going to cook. I am hungry and you know how to cook angel?” Sam raised his eyebrows. Heaven shyly shook his head. He cannot cook to save his life. Whenever he tried that would end up in great disaster. Aunt Kimi had strictly prohibited him to go in kitchen. 

“You didn’t know. Oh well... me too.” yeah they both could not cook not in coming years or ever. Heaven stared at him confusedly. 

“So what did you suggest we should cook?” Heaven asked. Sam looked avoid his eyes and replied. 

“I am hungry. I wantttt fooodddd.” Sam whined. Oh Wow. He actually whined. This was new like brand-new. Heaven laughed at his whining. 

“How old are you? You are acting like a kid.” Heaven shook his head at Sam‘s antics. 

“I am 21, angel.” Sam replied and got up from bed. Heaven gasped at Sam. He did not know about this. Sam is not much older than me. Good. He thought. He actually smiles in his head. Sam looked at heaven who spaced out but then leaned towards him and

“What are you thinking? Are you happy dancing in your head?” Sam asked on which heaven yelps at his sudden closeness. Sam smirked and pulled away. Heaven embarrassingly shook his head No which Sam smiles.

“Then what we are going to do now? As we both can’t cook.” Sam asked. 

“Can you please order pizza? I am gonna change.” heaven who was still in his uniform got up and go to his dress drawers. Sam was confused but pulled out his phone then remembers

“Angel gives me your phone. I don’t have a contact of any pizza place.” Heaven looked at him embarrassingly again. 

“You don’t? I... also don’t have.” Sam sighed. They were weirdly same. Was not they? 

“Sam, why don’t you have contact of any pizza place?” Sam again sighed and answered.

“I never needed it because Niall always ordered or something and your reason?” Sam asked who walked around the room inspecting his scattered books. Heaven was standing at his dress drawer cloths in hand. He feels something when Sam said Niall. Who is he? And why did I care? He thought. Simple, he was jealous.

“My aunt. She always ordered when we both are home and who is Niall?” he quietly asked the last part. Its looks like he did not mean to hear this but Sam heard it. He looked at heaven that quickly looked down. Sam smirked. Coming towards Heaven feel scared that he offends him. He thought Sam did not want him to ask about this. When he come closer, Heaven walked back and slammed with dresser. Sam leaned closer and trapped him. 

“Why, are you jealous angel? That is cute but you do not need to. Niall is my best friend and I am not gay.” Sam whispered in his ear which made Heaven shivered. Heaven did not like what Sam said at the last but before he further thought his room‘s door opened. Both looked at the door and pulled away. When Aunt Kimi barge in with specula in hand, she looked at them with raised eyebrows more at heaven. 

“Heave what are doing here? I thought you are in school.” Aunt Kimi asked. Then she looked at Sam who was looking at her, as if she was mad women. 

“Who are you mister?” she asked. Then again looked at Heaven, who did not know what to do. He expected Aunt Kimi to come early. Yet she was here. 

“Uh hello? I am Sam Versailles.” Sam answered. Aunt Kimi‘s eyes goes wide. She was shocked but she asked again

“I think I didn’t hear you right? What’s your name again?” she asked. Sam looked at heaven who just stared at his aunt. 

“Sam Versailles.” On this, Aunt Kimi fainted. 









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