ตอนที่ 3 : Sarang

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Sam Versailles, the name itself was power and danger which no one ever wanted to cross. He was the most powerful person in the world. He was the king of the mafia world. He was the boss of the Versailles Mafia, the biggest main mafia in the world along with one other mafia. However, Versailles was more powerful and feared mafia. Sam was more dangerous than anyone in this feared mafia. Nobody which means nobody wanted to get on his bad side. He would killed you in second if you did something wrong. His temper and passion were the two things that made him more dangerous. Aside from that, he was very handsome like a Greek god. His dangerous aura made him hotter. 

He was 5’9 tall with muscular body. Fully built and raven haired with hazel eyes that was almost black if you saw closely that nobody ever dared to do. Actually, nobody ever stood close to him beside his best friend. He was hotheaded boy, no doubt because in this business you have to be. After his father passed mafia to him as he was the heir, he handled it very well and made Versailles at the top of the tier in 4 years. As Versailles was always feared as mafia this wasn’t something new but people know Sam Versailles wasn’t like his father.

“What about the information I told to you get?” He asked his best friend Niall Sterling who was sitting on the couch. They were in his office. Both were in black suites. Niall had blonde hair, which looked good with his blue eyes. He had toned body and a bit tall then Sam. He and Sam were friends from like ever. Niall was always by his side. From Kindergarten to High school. Sam didn’t go to college as he chooses mafia at the age of 18. They both knew from the start where they would end up. Now he was the right hand of Sam in mafia. 

“I have it like you said but why do you need this information and that’s about a boy?” Niall didn’t know why he want information about a high school boy. What is he going to do now? He thought.

“Just tell me Niall what is there to know. Without any questions.” Sam said. Niall nodded his head. He was a quiet man. He did not like to talk much. Unlike Sam. Who was well.

“Okay then. His name is Heaven. Age is 17. He is junior in high school and lives with his aunt who is unemployed. But do shopping most of the time. He is half Asian. Parental information isn’t provided and also surname. His school doesn’t have any information or I would say it’s a secret. From where his aunt get money is also. Doesn’t this suspicious?” Niall asked. When he found this information, he didn’t get his hands on this. 

“Next.” He demanded. His mind going back to that boy. 

“Well about his interests he likes music and reading books. His grades are great but maths is not. All of his time he spends in his room and don’t like to go school….” Niall stopped and looked over at Sam who raised his eyebrow. 

“That’s it? This isn’t much information.” he said while looking at Niall who was looking out of the window thinking about something and speak so low that if you weren’t close you would even heard what he said.

“He was assaulted by his maths teacher.” Sam remembers what heaven told him when he met him. He wanted to kill that teacher which he going to. 

“I know and I am going to kill this teacher. He dared to touch him though and who touch will be killed without mercy.” he growled. Anger could be clearly seen on his face. Hands turned into fists and nails digging into his palms. 

“Guys are brought him here. You can kill him easily.” Niall said. Again he was looking out the window. 

“Anything else. About information?” Sam asked as he was loading his gun which was on the table. Niall coming out his thoughts and answer

 “Well, govt. id’s and all. Aside from that nothing. If I find something I will tell you and about his parental information which is suspicious I will find it.” Niall closed the file, which had information about Heaven and put it on coffee table. Then there came knock on the door. Both of them turned towards the door. After that door opened and came in two large muscular mans dragging a limp body. When Sam saw who was that limp body belonged to, he devilishly smirk. Niall was just kept quiet. He knew what was going to happen. 

“Isn’t he is the teacher who was trying to take advantage of the boy who was half his age? What will happen when school and whole city come to know about this? Plus your beloved wife.” Sam asked looking Mr. Grayson who was completely scared of the mafia boss. He was beaten to core. Blood was spilling of mouth. He was looking like zombie. Sam had him kidnapped from school when he was teaching his class. Nobody tried to save him. He didn’t know how they found out about this. Now he was in grave danger. Only Sam knows what he going to do him. 

“I am sorry. I made a mistake. If only I know that Heaven has this large connection I didn’t touch him. No I didn’t even go near him. Please let me go. I will never go near him again. I promise.” Mr. Grayson said. Head down like he was praying to god. But Sam was no god he was Satan. That’s what he was known as in mafia world. SATAN.

“First, don’t say his name from your dirty mouth. Second, you are never going to go near him because you will dead by now when you see him again in this life and third I am not going to give you easy death though. YOU WILL DIE SLOWLY AND PAINFULLY...” He said when he gets up from his chair. Niall already know Sam motives and he was watching scene with blank eyes. Like its daily soap. Actually it was for him. 

Sam walked over to Mr. Grayson and bend on knees and looking down at the teacher who tried to touch his angel. His hazel eyes turn murderous and suddenly grabbed the teacher‘s throat. The teacher squirming and tried to get air but Sam put more pressure. Sam smirked.

“You know I will let you go if you just committed a small mistake but you xing dared to touch what’s mine and if someone touches something mine only mine. Now said good bye this world for the last time.” Sam twists the neck of Mr. Grayson and with that he dead. Sam stood up and walked over to Niall and sat on his opposite side of the couch. The mafia members picked up dead body and get out of the office. They knew what to do with this. 

“No need to find anything about Heaven. What you have to do is erased everything related to him in every document. Make sure nobody find anything about him. Especially others mafias” Sam commanded. Niall raised his eyebrows. He didn’t get to understand what was in Sam‘s head. What was he planning? 

“But why? What this boy have to do with you? What are you planning Sam?” He asked in his stern voice. 

“You don’t need to know now. It’s not like we share everything.” Sam mockingly said and Niall rolled his eyes. 

“Whatever.” He dismissed their conversation and Sam sighed. 

“So I want you to do something else too.” Sam said.

“What do you want me to do now?” Niall asked. Sam smiled his delvish smile and speaks.

“I want you kidnapped someone.” This time Niall sighed.

Heaven woke up when a yelling came from downstairs more like a shrieked. He got up from his bed and started walking downstairs for saw what was happening to his aunt because they are only ones who live in this house. Aunt Kimi never got married so she had no children. She treated heaven as her own son. His aunt was the real sister of his mother. Who died after he born. She was Korean which was the reason of him being half Korean. About his dad he didn’t even know his name. Aunt Kimi never told about him. He only knows he was American. He never met him. He lived with his aunt since his mother died. Aunt Kimi worked in some big company so that’s why she made a lot of money. That‘s what she told him. Actually she didn’t work only shop around. What she actually do nobody knows. Heaven just believed her.

When he came in living room he saw his aunt‘s scared face who was sitting more like standing on couch. She was pointed him to looked at something. He turned to looked at where she was pointing he jumped in happiness and ran towards the puppy who was calmly sitting in pet basket which was putting at their doorstep. It was looking like a gift. It was also had a note. Heaven pulled out the note. 

When I said this puppy is yours so here it is. 

Heaven looked over at the puppy. It was exactly the same puppy that he saw two days ago. Same fur ball. He picked up the puppy from the basket and cradled him in his arms. The puppy happily licked him. Then he thought why he gives me this puppy and how he knows where I live? This was creepy. He nervously looked out of the door to look towards street. In the hope of found something who put this puppy gift on their doorstep. When he saw nothing he closed the door and looked towards his aunt who still looked scared. 

“Come on Aunt Kimi. This is an only puppy. He does not bite you. Look, he is so cute.” heaven cooed the puppy that happily licked his hand. 

“But Heave You knows I hate dogs and I can’t stand them so please keep him away from me okay. They can still bite you.” Aunt Kimi climbed back to ground and this time sat back on couch. Heaven still had puppy in arms and sat beside her who immediately scooted away. Heaven chuckled at her. 

“He is like a fur ball aunt. If you love him he will love you back.” heaven told her who just rolled her eyes but smiled at him.

“By the way who gave this puppy to you? This puppy looks expensive and rare to me.” she looked at him sternly. Well like heaven had no friends or something so this was really important who gave him this expensive looking puppy. Actually, the puppy that heaven was holding was really expensive. Tibetan Mastiff. He was puppy now but when he grows up he would look like a lion. Large and dangerous. Well that was when he grew up. This white furs looked at Aunt Kimi like she offend him when she said

“Heave he is the lazy ass. Look how he sprawled in your lap.” Heaven looked at his fur ball of puppy and smiled. He then proceeds to answer her previous question. He should tell her about the stranger whom he met and gave him the puppy. 

“Aunt I met a stranger two days ago when I ditched school after an incident....” He cut off with very panic aunt kimi when she heard he met a stranger and also incident.

“What incident and you met a stranger? Who? Why?” That’s why he never told her about everything that happen with him. She hyper and start panic then she would told him always stay home. He tried to calm her down and told her what happen.

“Why didn’t you tell anything about this? You should tell me everything Heave. I will always here for you. You know that, right? I am going to talk about this with your school authority and also don’t talk with strangers. They can be dangerous.” Aunt Kimi finished and heaven nodded his head. They both sat there quietly for minutes. Both in their own thoughts then Aunt Kimi spoke again

“Heave, I know you are always alone and I am always outside. I understand you wants someone whom you can with talk and all but it’s dangerous. You are not like other people. You are beyond beautiful. You understand what I am trying to say, right?” Aunt Kimi looked at him and holds his hands. The puppy was now asleep. Heave looked at the grounds then at Aunt Kimi. He knew that it’s dangerous for him to interact with people he didn’t know. But he wanted someone he could be with friend or someone he could talk like with that stranger whom he knew by name but he didn’t called by name till now. SAM VERSAILLES.

“I understand aunt but with Sam it was alright. He didn’t try to do anything you knew. He was very nice to me. He actually gave me this puppy because I said I wanted this puppy.” heave said happily. He was actually wanted to meet him again. He liked his company and he seemed kind and decent to him. Sam was anything but kind and decent. But heaven didn’t know about this. He didn’t know anything exactly. 

“His name is Sam?” Aunt Kimi asked. She didn’t know anyone by this name in this neighborhood so he must be from outside. If she only asked his surname. 

“Yeah that‘s his name. So I am going to my room now and I will meet you at dinner?” he asked. Aunt Kimi always comes late at night. Like at party or clubbing. But Heaven didn’t know about this. 

“No I am sorry Heave. I going out of town today so, will you be okay at home alone? I am really sorry Sweety.” heaven face fell but he smiled at his aunt. She was actually going to beach for fun with her friends. But she didn’t tell that heave now will she? nah. 

“It’s okay aunt. I will be good like always.” Aunt Kimi hugged him with fur ball who still sleeping between them. 

“I will be back tomorrow okay. If you didn’t want to go school today too then it’s okay.” yeah he skipped his school yesterday because he was scared of his teacher. Well Heaven, your teacher was already rotting in hell now. Sam‘s courtesy.

“Okay. Bye Aunt. Take care.” He then walked to stairs for his room. His aunt yelled after him. 

“I WILL CALL YOU LATER.” she yelled. He didn’t reply. He came in his room and put that name less puppy on his bed. Who was stirred in his sleep. He smiled at him. He walked over to his study table which he rarely used and sat down on his chair. His thoughts were going over to the morning events. 

Why he gave me this puppy? Okay I said I want this but again why? We only met for first time. Where he get this same puppy from? And who gave you puppy in the first meeting? 

Only Sam Versailles.

He didn’t go to school that day. He didn’t want too. He was still scared of his teacher. It wasn’t like this was the first time he ditching his school. He often does that. His aunt knew about his problems in school. So she allowed him. About school they didn’t care. So today he decided to go school. After two whole days. His aunt was going to be today after her fun day. 

He started to get ready for school. Yesterday all he did was stayed in his room, read his books, doing homework and played with puppy, which he now named. SARANG. It’s a Korean word, which means love. He knew Korean as he was half Korean himself and his aunt teach him Korean. They spoke Korean with each other sometimes in house. 

When he finally got ready, he fed his dog with milk because he had no dog food now. Sam only gave him puppy, no dog food. When he finished fed him, he thought about how his puppy will managed alone in this house. Sarang will be alone he thought. 

“Sarang baby will you be please good and stayed alone until I comeback from school. Please don’t do anything wrong okay. Aunt will get angry and then we will be in trouble okay.” he talks with his puppy who actually responds back by licking his palm when heaven pat his head. He then got from his sitting position and made his way to door. When he opened his door he beyond surprised and shocked. Eyes wide and mouth open. 

“Good morning Angel.” Sam Versailles was at the door in his all glory. Smirking at heaven who didn’t expected this visit. I mean who expected this. Nobody, right?



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