ตอนที่ 2 : What is your name?

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The sun raised high in the sky and shone brightly. People were long woke up and going to their jobs. The street was full with people coming and going. This was the time when Clover Street - the safest part of the city chirped like birds in the nest. Clover Street was the residence mostly for the middle class people. The most houses were of them. Clover Street had the 0.5 crime rate in comparison to other parts of the city. The reason of less crime rate was the less income and innocent people who lived there. Crime was unknown to them, but sometimes, innocent people were not innocent at all. 

At the end of the street, there was a small house, which would take as a cafe if someone looked from far. White colored house covered with green vines and purple flowers look beautiful on them. The door of the house opened and coming out women whose height was small for someone of her age. She wore red sandals and sunglasses, which would tell by anyone that they were branded and very expensive. The branded things owned by someone who lived in the neighborhood where people just dreamed of it, was mysterious. The neighbors always wondered how a woman had so much money in this neighborhood. 

The small women then started walking towards the other street with her purse hanging on her arm. She was clearly showing off her money. When she turned the corner of the street, the door of the house again opened. This time, it was a boy. Who was in a school uniform. He then started running towards the opposite street. His laces were undone; whom he did not pay any mind and just running. It was nothing new for him. He was usually late for school. The reasons were over slept and intentionally so that he did not have to go to school. He hates school. Well everyone hates school, right? 

He ran as fast as he could to school that was on the other side of his street. The school was big as any other high school. As he was late, no student was in hallway and he go straight to his class without even go to his looker because he already books for his first period. He knew he was going too late. So, Why not already prepared? He made it to his class late. Teacher had already started his lecture. He opened the door of the class and entered. Teacher stopped his lecture and looked in his direction. Eyebrows rose. The class went quite and looking at him. 

 “You are late. Detention after school and also talk to me after class.” Teacher then again started his lecture but not after taking a glance at Heaven. This teacher did not give good vibes. He was planning for something very bad. However, Heaven did not catch that look. His classmates also looking at him with look that Heaven know so well. The look that we have on our faces when we looking at a very delicious meal.

“I am sorry Mr. Grayson.” He apologized for being late but teacher just turn to his book. 

Heaven settled on his seat at the back and opened his book bag. He took out his books and pencil. The period was maths. Well, math’s sucks. Literaly sucks. He was top scorer in their grade (which was junior) in other subjects but in math’s he was the lowest. This means he was at the last spot. How embarrassing. He thought. He could quit maths but for some reasons he could not. He did not understand one thing since he opened his book. The reasons could be teacher sucks and oh so maths sucks. 

 I cannot understand one thing. This is so difficult. Heaven thought. 

The bell rang and all the students started packing their things. Heaven also packed his things. By the time he was done, some students were already gone to their next class. He got up from his seat and walked to teacher’s desk.

 “Yes Mr. Grayson?” He asked. He eyes lowers to the ground. He was Feeling nervous. He did not know what his teacher want to talk about. Probably about my grades in maths. He thought. Well they sucked. 

“Could you please wait till the whole students go to their next class?” Heaven looked around and saw some students were still in the class. He nodded his head. Nevertheless, he did not like the tone in which his teacher talk to him. Rude. 

When the class was completely empty he suddenly feel scared. He hates to be alone with someone he did not know. Which include his teachers, whom he just greets with no extra word. Suddenly his teacher started speaking. 

“You know about your grades right? That you are at last of this class?” Heaven again nodded his head. He was embarrassed. His teacher stood up from his chair started walking towards him. He again spoke. 

“I can help if you do what I want you to do? You can pass this class without even trying.” Heaven was confused now. 

“Excuse me?” He was scared now again. His teacher was now in front of him. He was coming closer to him. Anyone could tell what he was trying to do. However, heaven did not know this. 

“You know what I mean. Don’t try to act innocent.” His teacher kept coming closer and closer. Heaven knows he tried to touch him. In a dirty way and he knows he have to get out of this class before he do anything. Therefore, when his teacher even touches him he pushed his teacher with all strength at teacher’s desk and run to the door. The teacher fall down over desk and tried to grab him but he was already out the door. 

When Heaven was in hallways, he did not stop running. He was crying. It was second period but he did not want to go class. He did not even want to stay at school now so started running towards entrance of school. He wanted to get out of this school. Well, when he was out of the school, he stopped his running and took deep breath to calm his heartbeat. That was scary not as ghost or something but come on he tried to assault him. It was wrong. Heaven did not even know the meaning of the word but he difference in touch. He was boy. So do not think this does not happen with boys. It could happen with anyone. 

It was not first time though. People or classmates always wanted to touch him to make sure he was real or with ill intentions like his teacher. Why? Heaven was so beautiful. Like an angel. Who fell from heaven? Exactly. His beauty was too unrealistic. He had flawless pale skin who every girl want and could die for. His small deep blue sparkling eyes that sparkle when light falls on them. Beautifully shine in the sunlight. His plump lips and 5’ 4 frame that was short for his age but it made him cute. Moreover, his famine body that attracted too much unwanted attraction, which he never asked. He was always uncomfortable and scared because of this. His aunt always kept alert around him. Always make sure he was safe. He never told her about these things because she would tell him to be strong and not to be weak. However, he could not help it. He was weak. Because he too innocent and cute for this world. 

He always dreamed of someone who would protect him and cared for him. Who would love him. He never ever had a friend because the kids of his age were mostly jealous of him or x. He could not tell. He was too innocent. He did not even know word x. Heaven was a pure soul always kept to him. Wherever he goes people just stared at him and made him uncomfortable. He just ignored them.

Heaven was walking and going towards his home. He was still crying. He was scared and angry. More like scared. His beauty had perks, which made him scared and angry. He never wanted this. This was the reasons why he like going late to school with intention of ditching. Ditching, which he was doing from his freshman years. Since from people started to notice him. This was the main reason he dyed his hair cherry color. Because students always pestering him for his white hairs. White was the natural color of his hairs. 

He was walking on the sideboard when suddenly a puppy ran towards him. He started licking his shoes. He smiled and picked up the puppy. Cradle him in his arms. He loved puppies. They are like fur balls and cuties. The puppy started licking his face and he laughed. It looked like the puppy liked him or more he liked the puppy. Then a voice came.

“Isn’t he beautiful like an angel?” Heaven turned behind him from where the voice came. There stood a stood in an all black suit. Anyone could mistake him as a grim reaper from far. Is not he handsome? That was the first thought that came into his mind. He stared at the boy for a minute then looked away. It was making him nervous. 

“Y... yyy.. yeah the p...pp... puppy... is bb.. beautiful and c.. cute too.” He answered but stuttered. Whenever he was nervous, he stuttered. Actually, the Boy was totally intimidating. That was also no help. 

“I am not talking about this puppy.” The boy said. Heaven was confused. What is he mean by this? He chooses not to ask. Then suddenly the puppy wriggled out of his grasp and started walking to god knows where. Sudden rebel of puppy shocked Heaven. 

“Hey puppy, STOP!” He called but the puppy was long gone. He was sad now. Little upset too. 

“It’s okay. Let him go. He could be missing his mamma you know.” The Boy was now in front of him but at the distance said. Name was still unknown. Heaven smiled at him and replied. 

“I want that puppy. I wanted to keep him.” Heaven sighed and ran his hand through his cherry colored hairs. He did not stutter this time. This was first.

“It’s yours then.” Heaven again shock and looked at the boy with wide eyes. That was casually standing with hands in his pockets.

“Excuse me?” He second time asked this. Nevertheless, did not get any answer.

“How are you?” The boy asked him instead. Previous question was completely ignored. Why he was asking him about his well being? Who was he though? The last question should answer first.

“I am not a creepy stalker if you are wondering.” The boy said. Looking at his eyes intensely that made Heaven shivered. The look was so intense. Heaven decided to look at his feet with the aim of avoiding those intense eyes. He did not know why he was still talking to him. This was longest normal conversation he had with some stranger. Actually, this was the first one. Then suddenly that boy was on his one knee tying his shoelaces. They were still untied. He just kept staring at him. He did not know what to do. Well, what he could do though? Nothing.

“I am fine. Why are you asking?” He asked him while looking at those cold black eyes.

“Just because.” The boy answered. Who was now in standing position again. Heaven looked at him again and then somewhere else. What a very unclear answer!

“Can you tell me, why were you crying before and who make you cry?” He suddenly demanded, not asked. Heaven again froze and remembered the incident in school. 

“What?” He asked. He then looked at the ground. Nervous and scared. He did not want to tell anyone but he also wanted to tell someone. 

“Don’t want to see you crying and want know who made you cry.” The answer just confused him further but he nodded his head. Again, do not know why. May be telling this to stranger does not harm anything, right? 

“Umm...My teacher tried to t...tt... touch m...me in a class and I... ww.. Was so s.. scared so I r..ran a...way.” He said and tears again started to fall down. He lowers his head. But a hand so slowly lifted his chin up and wiped his eyes with his thumb. Heaven just stared at him. A spark lights inside his heart suddenly. 

“Don’t cry. I will make sure he never touches anyone or anything in his life again. You are so precious to me and who hurt my angel will die.” Heaven so much in the moment he did not heard these words. Then, he remembers something when they both pulled away. Due to uncomfortableness on heaven‘s part. The boy was still a stranger though. 

“Hey, you didn’t tell me your name?” He asked the boy whose phone started ringing. He pulled out his phone but did not pickup. He started walking towards backward and answered.

“You never asked me first but I will tell you now.” He smirked and turned his back on him and said 

 “I AM SAM VERSAILLES” Then he turn the corner and disappeared. Heaven Still looking at that empty corner and sighed. He also turned into his street and start walking. Was not that surname looked familiar? He did not know and nor he remembered. He did not even ask my name. He thought.


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