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** Present **


“Who do you think that boy was?” Sam asked as he looked at him. The boy he lose 4 years ago. His most precious thing.


Heaven looked at Sam from where he sat, on the ground with back against the wall with lots of pictures of him. He was confused. He tried to remember everything that happened 4 years ago. However, all he remembers was the pictures that were blurs. He was shocked at himself though. He could not believe he was really Heaven. He never talks back or makes himself kidnapped. He was not the Heaven he was at that time. That heaven was feisty. This Heaven, not at all. How could a person change with memory loss? Nevertheless, it changed Heaven so much. Like he was more gentle and calm person now. The complete angel. 

“Right. That was you. My first ever kidnapping. I am very thankful to myself that I took you that day.” Sam chuckled and ruffled Heaven’s cherry hair who smiled at him. He liked his action. 

“What happened next? What did you do to me?” Heaven asked him eagerly. For him it was like to know his self he did not know exist in him. However, Sam got up from the ground and gave his hand for him to take. Heaven took his hand and Sam pulled him to him. 

“For today, that was it. I cannot tell you everything in one day. You cannot put pressure to your mind. It is not good for you. So relax I will tell slowly like one chapter at a time.” Sam smiled and started to walk towards the glass door. Heaven follow him behind. 

“But Sam I want to know. Please tell me what happened. Please?” Sam turned back to him. Heaven took a step away in fear if he made him angry. And yes, 4 years ago Heaven was not scared of Sam’s temper.

“So, that you will faint or something? Never. I told you I will tell you slowly so please wait and be pateint.” Sam took his hand that made Heaven relax. Sam noticed this.

“You know I am not going to do anything to you. You are something I almost lose and I know the meaning of losing someone now. I am not going to lose you again ever.” Sam looked at Heaven with an unsaid emotion that could make anyone’s heart melt. Heaven step forward and put his hands on Sam’s cheek. As he leaned forwards and kissed him slowly on the lips with standing on his toes. Sam kissed him back as slowly as Heaven kissing him. It was full of emotions kiss. The emotions that were hideaway for longtime but now coming out. Heaven pulled away but still had his hands on his cheeks. 

“I do not know what happened and how it happened but this time it won’t happen Sam because I am not 14 years old Heaven.” Sam smiled and hugged him tightly and his head in the crook of his neck. 

“I will kill anyone who tried to take you away from me. If this means I have to destroy this world.” He means it. He will do anything for the one he got after a long wait. The painful long wait. However, his words scared Heaven. He knew now that Sam was not someone you should mess with and that was what scared him. Was he really destroyed this world for just one boy? 

“Sam, who is Elmore?” Sam pulled away from Heaven when he suddenly asked about Elmore. Sam looked at him confused. He was also angry because his moment was ruined. 

“Did not you meet him? That xing redhead who bumps into you when you were crying because of me loved someone “else” according to you?” He rolled his eyes and put exclamation mark on else. Heaven glared at him. 

“I did not know at that time. It is not as if you gave me very good explanation. Besides you reject me and broke my heart twice you bastard.” Sam shocked looked at him when Heaven called him bastard. He could not believe this. Angel first time cursed and best thing was on devil.

“What did you called me? You....” Before he could say something Heaven, interrupt him.

“What? It was what you did Sam. You made me cry and made me believe that i didnt deserve you. I thought you would never like a someone like me. Someone who is a weakling. Who could not do anything proper. Who can’t even fight for him. So why The Sam Versailles would like me? Love was a long shot for me. That’s what I believe Sam.” Sam did not know what to say. Heaven thought he did not deserve him. However, Sam thought he did not deserve Heaven. The same thought process. Who knows they were always meant to be together if they did not even deserve each other.

“We both do not deserve each other but it does not matter because deserving something does not exist in my world and I have you now said something, doesn’t it now? And please do not think and believe something, which is not true angel. You are the most precious to me. You are no weakling. You would know that when I will tell you how you become someone whom this underworld feared. So please stop underestimating yourself and do not forget you are most beautiful boy that could Miss Universe jealous.” Sam winked at last line, which made Heaven frowned and glared at him. Sam started walking back towards the door. Heaven followed him. However, he was thinking about something. Something that did not made sense. Someone whom underworld feared and it was me? How? Is not Sam is the only one whom the underworld feared? He thought. It really did not make sense though. He decided not to ask him about this. Sam would tell him when he wanted to.

He followed Sam out the door and the door closed behind him. They walked deeper into the library when Sam spoke again. 

“Why were you asking about Elmore?” Heaven turned towards him as they were heading towards the library door. 

“Because you mentioned him when you were telling me about 4 years ago. Is he and Niall have some sort of history? You even received punch. Tell me about them.” Heaven asked him excitedly. Sam sighed which made him raised his brows. 

“I do not know much because their relationship is as mystry to me as you are to them. So what I know I can tell you. Niall Sterling, as you know is my bestfriend from like forever and Elmore Sterling is his stepbrother. Whom he met when we were ten. At that time, Elmore was eight. For an eight year old, he was really cute and off course, this made Niall attract to him. Elmore’s mother married his father only for money. His father had a tech. and restrurents business so he was very rich. That x of a woman only cared about money. She does not care about her son or anything that made Niall protective or more like possessive towards elmore. In school, nobody can approach or even go near him, as we were powerful students both in money but in my case background. Niall really cared for him. The care you only do for ones whom you love. Niall’s this possessiveness and cared made Elmore started to like him. More then a stepbrother. As time passed, they grew closer and closer. Elmore even confessed that he loved him but that jerk of Niall he rejected him after he knows himself that he loved him too. Now you tell me why he did that angel?” Sam asked him and Heaven try to think for an answer but he did not found any. 


“Because he was being a coward. He tried to ignore what he feels for Elmore. He thought it was wrong like Elmore being his stepbrother or something but the truth was he could not accept himself and his feelings and a stepbrother excuse had nothing to do with this. They were not biological brothers though. However, he never understood that simple fact. Therefore, this is all I know. After that, something happened between them. I do not know what happened. He never told me.” Sam finished telling him the part of story he knew about. Heaven stared at him but then a question popped up in his mind. 

“Sam why do think Niall was being a coward at that time?” Sam stopped walking as they were now in front of the Sam’s room door. He opened the door and came inside. He walked straight to his bed and fall face first on his bed. The room’s lights were off but moonlight came into the room from the large windows. Now it was midnight. Heaven came after him and stood infront of the bed. Thinking about what to do next but he did not have to when Sam pulled him down to bed and embrace him in his arms. He gasped but stayed still. Sam looked at him with that same unsaid emotion. 

“You know what most difficult thing in this world is?” Sam asked suddenly. Heaven looked at him confusedly. What was Sam talking about now? 

“Huh? What are you...?” However, Sam continues as he was speaking to himself. He did not even hear Heaven. 

“The most difficult thing is to find love and care. We always tried to find that one person who loves you no matter what you are. For being your own true self. For them and for you only what matters is love but this is the thing that is difficult to find. People talked about true love. Did they ever find their true love? It is a complete lie. They lived together for their greeds and family not for love. Nowdays what these people love is money and luxury and its right. Money can buy you anything. All you just need is money. However, can you be happy after that? No, you cannot. You need that one person who makes your days brighter and happy even in a shabby cottage and that is where the answer laid angel? it doesnt matter if that person is from same sex or your own step brother. The only thing matter is if that person love you. if yes then why hesitate to tell what you feel. The true love is very difficult to find. It is like a non-existent thing. Then why being a coward and ran away from it. You would better live alone then with wrong person who did not even care if you are alive or dead? Who only care are about how rich are you and about how you look? Is this what you need in your life because you are coward and cannot face reality? You know Heaven, It takes me 3 years to find this answer. After I lose you, reality hits me so hard. That day I thought, Even if I not Gay than I will be gay for you. Only for you.” Heaven just stared at Sam without blinking. He did not expect this deep answer. Sam thinks like this? Who would know he was. Sam just smiled at him. Well, the last part was certainly proved that Sam was not gay. He was only loves Heaven. As he said, I will be only gay for you. 

WOW. Is this the real Sam Versailles? The one hide from the world. Heaven thought. I will also only gay for you Sam. If you are for me then I am for you.

“Please do not leave me.” Sam muttered as falls asleep in a second. Heaven just stared him as watched him sleeping. As he was watching him sleep, he only watched the one person. The person who was scared to lose the same person all over again. Not the powerful and dangerous mafia king. 

“I have the deleted past which I wanted to know badly. To know how you loved me so much and who am I exactly? However, I know one thing; you are not as bad and dangerous as you showed to the world. Even if you are, I will love you and I promise I will never leave you. If I have to fight the world for you, Sammy.” Heaven promised lightly touched the face of Sam. He did not know where that last name came from but it looked like the name he knew all too well. He fall sleep after that peacefully.

World was good for them for now. Who knew from where the evil forces attack and ruined this peaceful sleep or they ruined their own peaceful sleep.


It was dark inside the room. With a very dim light that came from the lamp, which was on the large table in the center of the room. Aside from the table and a chair, which was turned back toward the wall, the all room was dark but in the darkness, it looked like an office. Suddenly the office door opened and someone barge inside. 

“B.. BB...Boss they are back again.” Whoever that person was he was extremly scared. 

The person that was sitting on a chair did not turned back just facing the wall. He spoke after a minute. As if, he was thinking about something.

“They can’t. It cannot happen. That pair cannot be together again. We have to do something.” The boss spoke so desperatly. His voice was urgent. It was looked like as if his life was on line. The person that was scared and still was nodded his head despite of his boss not seeing him.

“We can do anything you said Boss. Just order us.” The loyal henchman asked. 

“We can’t attack them directly. It will be dangerous. So prepare for the indirect attack. You know what I mean right?” The boss asked and his loyal henchmen replied.

“Yes boss. We will prepare for the attack.” 

“Good. I will tell you when to execute. Now go.” He orders and his henchman leave the room with a bow of his head. 

The darkness of his room grew more and more as the night grew. The boss was still sitting on the chair in an exact same position. The darkness of the room did not affect him. It was as he was used to this. Sitting alone in a dark office. 

I cannot let them together. That pair will destroy everything. Everything. They will end me along with this world. He thought this again and again. He was scared of something or someones. That was sure. But who was he? What was he talking about? What pair? And what attack was going to happen?


The next morning, it was very good day. The weather was nice like it was going to rain. The large windows of the room that was not curtained last night pass the morning light. The room shined in the light. On the king-sized bed the two figures sleeping like no care in the world. Somehow, end up tangled with each other. However, one of them groaned in his sleep. 

“This damned light.” Sam Versailles looked irritated in the early of the morning. Heaven was half woke up because of Sam’s annoyedness.

“Because you did not close the curtains last night.” Heaven said matter- of- factly, which annoyed Sam more. 

“Why I have these large windows? I don’t want these windows.” Sam said in his half-sleeping state. 

“Then break them.” Heaven replied back in his same half sleeping state. They were talking in half sleepiness until now. Sam being annoyed included. They continued.

“I will do that later. This morning light annoyed me so much. xing these windows.” Sam even frowned in his sleep.

“Hmm... okay. Now please close the curtains.” Heaven ordered him, which made Sam frowned again. 

“Why me? I am not going to close. You do.” this was heaven turn to frowned.

“I do not and I even said please. You do not even say that.” 

“Because I am Sam Versailles and I do not said please or anything.” He even flatters himself in his sleep. 

“Yeah sure. The great Sam Versailles.” Heaven replied in bored tone. 

“I am really great angel. Versailles are really great. They even have crest on their bodies.” Sam was now talking about anything. He was again falling sleep. 

“And I have a tattoo of flying V.” Heaven’s this half sleep statement woke Sam completely up. Like every drop of sleep gone. He got up in sitting position and turned towards Heaven who watching him with raised eyebrow. 

“You have a tattoo of flying V?” Sam asked him and Heaven looked up at him confused. What had gotten in Sam now? 

“Huh? Yeah..I have. Why are asking about this? I really do not know anything. I do not remember from where I even got this.” Sam did not say anything. He just stared at Heaven. 

“Can I see it?” He suddenly asked and Heaven contemplating about it but after a moment, he nodded his head. He got up and turned his back towards him. He pulled his tee down from neck.

“There.” He said where he was pointing with his finger. Right downward from neck and upward of spine, exactly from where the spinal cord starts he had black V in capital with wings. One wing had the white colour and other had red. Heaven called it flying V because of wings but he did not know that was the exact name of the tattoo. Sam stared at the tattoo. When Heaven spoke, he blinks. 

“Do you know why I have this tattoo? I mean why V with wings. I do not even have a name that starts with V or something. Then why?” He turned back towards Sam who looked in a deep thinking. He then looked at Heaven. 

“I know why you have this V angel? However, I do not know why you have this tattoo. Only you know the exact reason.” Sam replied. 

“Then why I have the V? Is this have to do something about 4 years ago?” Heaven asked curiously. Sam sighed. As if, he did not want to talk about this. 

“It’s a name angel. The name that whole underworld feared and remembers still now. The name of someone they do not dare to mess until they want to die. The name of my secret Assassin.” Sam explained the power of name. The name that itself could create the damage. The name of Sam’s hidden power.

“Who is that someone and your secret Assassin?” Heaven asked the question of which he already know the answer and he was dreading for the truth. 

“You. You are the V. My secret Power and also Weakness.” 

Sammy, I got this tattoo. Look, it has V with wings. You know this tattoo have a meaning. This is that I am both Devil and Angel. 

Heaven did you remember something? V did not coming to life? Did he?








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