ตอนที่ 1 : PROLOGUE

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The park was full as kids were playing with their parents and friends. The day was nice and all for outing or picnic with families. However, one teen was sitting alone on the bench. He was bleeding from the lip and had cuts on his face. It was looked like he had fight with someone. Nevertheless, He was calmly lied down on his back with close eyes when,

“Hey, are you sleeping?” a very soft and quite voice ask. The teen just ignored the voice. The voice again came.

“Why are you bleeding? Are you hurt? Oh, I am sorry. Off course you are hurt.” He again ignored whoever it was. However, he feels someone sit beside him. Suddenly he feels a soft hand on his cut lip. He grabbed the hand by instinct and the person beside him yelps in surprise. The thought that came in to his head, when he grabbed the hand was so soft. Then he opened his eyes to look at the person who was a younger boy. He was also in a same school uniform as him.  

“So, you were not sleeping. Then, why are you not answered my questions? Okay now tells me why you are hurt?” The boy demanded the answer. Like, he was asking for a candy. The teen turned his head towards him with a meanest look. 

“Leave me alone kid.” He finally speaks in annoyed voice. The boy frowned at him. As if, he offended him. 

“I am not a kid and I am not going to leave you alone.” The boy huffed. The teen rolled his eyes in annoyance.

“Just leave me alone. Why are you irritated me? Go find someone else, kid.” The kid glared at him and the teen glared back at him. Asking him to bring it on.

“Like I told you before I am not a kid. So please do not call me kid.” The teen scoffed and laughed.

“What are you then? You are a kid okay. Nothing else but a kid. The kids of your age are called like this. Kids. Now leave me alone. You are so noisy.” The boy looked at him in a hurt look. He was on the verge of a crying. Finally, one tear fell from his eyes. He got up from the bench where they were sitting. 

“YOU ARE SO MEAN AND RUDE! I WAS JUST TRYING TO TALK TO YOU! YOU JERK!” The boy yelled and ran away. The teen was shocked on the fact that some kid called him jerk on his face. No one ever talked to me like that. He thought.




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